The Cold Chain & PVC Strip Curtain: A Match Made in Heaven

Allowing you to control your environment every step of the way, a cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. It is used to help extend and ensure the shelf life of “cool cargo”; products such as fresh seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs.

An essential part of any cold chain are PVC strips: manufacturing > distribution > stores. It’s important that you choose the correct PVC grade when selecting PVC strips for your cold chain.

Below is a brief guide to some of the different grade PVC strips we offer and how well they operate.

  • Rayflex standard grade PVC: operates well between +50°c and -15°c
  • Rayflex low-temperature grade: operates well between +30°c and -25°c
  • Rayflex super polar grade: operates well between +15°c and -60°c


Food preservation processes with fridges up to +0°c, freezers down to -12°c and deep freezers down to -45°c, require the use of PVC strips to ensure that food items don’t become compromised.

PVC strip curtains play an integral part in the food preservation process. When doors are left open, the PVC strip curtains ensure that there’s no air loss in these environments so when people are coming and going in a walk-in fridge, the PVC strips create a temporary barrier to ensure food preservation processes aren’t affected.


Depending on the food being stored, best before dates, ripening processes and the temperature at which consumables need to be stored at. The majority of large facilities will have their own cold storage facilities and regulations will state that the food items in question need to be kept at a constant temperature with agreeable tolerances in place.

Cold Storage and Freezer PVC Strip Curtain

Again, PVC strip curtains are used in every single cold store environment, regardless of what is being stored.

Distribution & Logistics

In the cold chain, transport is highly regulated and specialist, refrigerated vehicles are deployed in order to ensure that whatever the goods in transit are, they leave the storage facility and arrive at their destination in the same state.

Not only do PVC strips help to maintain the temperature in the vehicles, but they also ensure cross-contamination during the journey isn’t caused by fumes, debris, vermin or insects. This can easily happen when people enter and exit so PVC strip curtains really do play an integral part here.

Preparation Points, Commercial and Retail Stores

The final part to the cold chain before the goods are on display and ready to be purchased by customers is commercial and retail stores and preparation points. These environments have PVC strip curtains installed because the retailer has to ensure that their products are presented to their customers in accordance with strict regulations.

This ensures that the goods are turned around in line with sell by dates and remain fresh and in the best condition possible so that they can be sold.

If you have any questions for us here at PVC Strip, please get in touch today using our email address – Alternatively, you can call our friendly team on – 01925 638753.

Product Focus: Fly Screens and Insect Barriers

Product Focus: Fly Screens and Insect Barriers

As the summer heats up Rayflex go into overdrive making and manufacturing Fly Screens and Insect Barriers. We utilise various types of materials to ensure that we can manufacture the right fly screen solution for your unique application. It’s time to prepare your kitchens, bars, shops and restaurants UK wide, cover your open doorways with our fantastic insect curtains!

Our mesh lightweight, mesh strips available in black or grey come as standard with weighted bottoms to ensure they don’t flap around in the wind. These are stylish mesh covers are designed to aid open kitchens and food production environments that desperately need fresh air circulating. The mesh strips allow hands-free access through doorways and remove the hassle of health and safety concerns that come with flies, insects and bugs buzzing around and contaminating food produce.

Our fly screens and insect curtains are used extensively in hot, busy, environments like in commercial kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. Workspaces that generate a lot of heat, which is only made worse during the hot summer months. Fly screens and insect barriers work exceptionally well in these environments as they allow the workers to keep doors open, but due to the small holes in the mesh strip, there’s a steady stream of air passing through. These holes aren’t large enough to allow pests to pass through which promotes a hygienic work environment without having to sacrifice the comfort of the workers.

Mesh Strip

Mesh Strip

As you can see in the image above, the holes in the mesh are very very small and will not allow pests to pass through. Mesh strip improve the overall hygiene of the environment. Each kit comes with the appropriate amount of strips, a suspension rail and fitting instructions.

1000mm W x 2350mm H:
6 x fly mesh strips – plated to suit the hook type rail system
1 x 1230mm hook type stainless steel suspension rail

1300mm W x 2350mm H:
8 x fly mesh strips – plated to suit the hook type rail system
1 x 1475mm hook type stainless steel suspension rail

1600mm W x 2350mm H:
10 x fly mesh strips – plated to suit the hook type rail system
2 x 984mm hook type stainless steel suspension rail

1800mm W x 2350mm H:
11 x fly mesh strips – plated to suit the hook type rail system
2 x 984mm hook type stainless steel suspension rail

If you are interested in our fly screen and insect barrier range, please visit our insect barrier page, contact our sales team on 01925 638753 or email

Product Focus: PVC Chiller Blinds

pvc chiller blinds

On hot days, customers want to walk into newsagents, shops, bars, cafés or restaurants, go straight to your fridges and pick out a cold drink, sandwich, salad or snack. Imagine the disappointment for your customers that when they finally choose their product, it’s warm and in unsatisfactory condition. Did you know that up to 40% of customers just don’t buy warm drinks or food items? They’d rather go without or worse, go next door to your competitors!

This poses you with a problem – how do you display your goods, keep your energy consumption down and showcase your product offerings in multi-deck chillers whilst keeping your products cold?  The answer is simple: install an inexpensive PVC chiller blind.  The PVC is crystal clear so your customer can see into the fridge, the PVC strips are lightweight enough for your customers to simply reach through and grab the cold product they desire – you get to keep all your customers happy and save a fortune in energy in the process.


YES!  The ROI is extremely fast, typically you will save up to 50% on fridge energy consumption, and they will pay for themselves within a few months. They optimise airflow evenly within the cabinet ensuring you have minimum product wastage. They also extend the life of your retail unit by lessening the load on the compressor.


Yes! They are extremely easy to self-install, maintain and clean. Our clever support system allows the full curtain section to clip in and out which also ensures you can restock your fridges with ease.  They do also help to deter petty theft – it’s not as easy to slip items into pockets when there is a PVC chiller blind in the way!


Colour: Clear / transparent (light blue tint)
PVC profile: Flat
Grade: Standard Temperature PVC strip
Width range: 100mm
Thickness range: 1mm (please note we offer 1.2mm and 2mm if required)
UV stable: Yes.
Temperature range: +50°c to -15°c (PVC can degrade at the extremities of this range).  If you require a PVC chiller blind to be made from low-temperature PVC (+30 / -40°c) then this is possible, we use 100mm w x 2mm thick freezer grade PVC material in this instance.

Our PVC strips are 100mm wide and we sell only PVC chiller blinds to the nearest incremental width.  For example, if your fridge is 1290mm wide we would supply 12 x 100mm – it is not possible to infill the remaining 90mm of space, you would have a small gap at either side.  The PVC chiller blinds are designed to cover off the majority of your opening to ensure enhanced energy savings.

Our standard sizes include:

1200mm W x 1500mm H
1800mm W x 1500mm H
2400mm W x 1500mm H
3000mm W x 1500mm H
3600mm W x 1500mm H
1200mm W x 3000mm H
1800mm W x 3000mm H
2400mm W x 3000mm H
3000mm W x 3000mm H
3600mm W x 3000mm H

Our PVC chiller blinds come in the above pre-made standard sizes are available to buy online (not on next day delivery) or if your fridge sizes are unusual then please call us on 01925 638753 or email

Summer Proofing Your Facilities With Our PVC Products!

Clear PVC Strip Roll

The sun is desperately trying to make an appearance and we’re thrilled about it! But, with warmer weather and sunnier days comes a few issues in the workplace – here we have a range of PVC products that are manufactured to remove any irritations so you can enjoy the sun but not be burdened with the issues that it can bring! 

Introducing our PVC summer saviours…

We have a huge PVC range, designed with summer in mind. Our products are suited for a variety of facilities to assist with issues such as:

  • Airborne pest control
  • Room temperature management
  • Product temperature management

Our summer range is suitable for a wide variety of applications –  offering multiple benefits and perks for a low cost.  

Our range includes:

  • Perforated PVC Strip
  • Anti-Insect Yellow Translucent 
  • Black or Grey Mesh Strip
  • Standard Clear PVC Strip

Commercial kitchens, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cafes

During summer, cafes, restaurants and bars can expect a huge rise in customers. As soon as the temperature rises, families and friends flock to their nearest beer garden, cafe or restaurant to enjoy the sun, drinks and food. How can these facilities cope with the pressure of increased workload and the environmental changes? By installing a kit from our PVC range, you can expect perks that will help your business all summer long. We recommend putting our perforated or anti-insect PVC on your doorways to your commercial kitchen to prevent the risk of flies contaminating your environment. It’s the perfect product for allowing fresh air to circulate while keeping annoying pests out of the way. We also have a range of chiller blinds to attach to commercial refrigeration units. Ideal for keeping chilled foods at the correct temperature, improving contamination control and extending the life of refrigerator units. 

Office Spaces

Offices are heat traps at the best of times, but turn up the temperature and introduce the sun and the heat can be almost unbearable! Keeping doors and windows open isn’t always ideal with the external noise, so what can you do?  This is where our perforated PVC strip curtains and mesh strips come in… Our products can be installed in doorways, acting as a barrier to all pests. We recommend installing our bullet range perforated curtains on office doors during the summertime for a more aesthetically pleasing design, easy installation/removal and improved durability. From improved airflow to temperature management and anti-insect protection, the benefits are limitless.

Industrial Environments

PVC strip curtains are ideal for industrial environments during any season, however, during summer, our various PVC ranges can easily summer proof warehouse and industrial environments.  Strip curtains are often used in warehouses as area dividers or to cover industrial doorways, our clear PVC strip is often used in this instance as it’s often thicker and able to withstand the heavy duty traffic usage that is involved in a warehouse environment.
When installing strip curtains during summer, you can expect benefits including:

  • Temperature management
  • Improved airflow
  • Anti-insect management

Which will make hot summer days a lot more bearable in your industrial environment! 

Interested in our range? Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you. Our sales team are available on 01925 638753 or email 

Anti-Insect Protection | Preventing Bugs In Your Workplace

Anti-Insect Protection

Does your business require anti-insect protection? It can be a struggle working in hot, busy environments. Especially with the increased temperature and annoying bugs flying around, this results in a lot of distractions and irritations that make the working day that little more difficult than it needs to be… That’s where we come in! 


We understand that businesses struggle where hygiene and contamination issues need to be taken into consideration. Which is why we manufacture and supply a range of PVC to help make your working days a little more bearable in the summer months. 

Perforated PVC:
When working in hot environments during summer, it can often be a necessity to keep doors and windows open, however, this invites unwanted pests into your working environment and in workplaces such as food preparation areas, the utmost care should be taken concerning health and safety. Flies or other airborne pests can cause contamination by simply landing on work surfaces, causing bacteria including salmonella, typhoid and cholera to be spread, which can cause detrimental harm in certain working environments. If this sounds like an issue you have… Our perforated PVC is ideal for you! The strips are clear, much like our standard PVC door kit but with small perforations throughout the strip which are large enough to allow a breeze through but small enough to block any airborne pests from passing through.

Anti-Insect PVC:
If your main issue is reducing the number of pests that enter your workplace, our anti-insect PVC is perfect for you… This product is bright yellow, a colour that is known for repelling flies and insects. This feature is key in ensuring your environment is protected from pests that may cause harm in your workplace and will ensure that you can keep doorways open to avoid your workers overheating this summer. 

Mesh Fly Screens:
All our grey and black fly screen mesh strips require minimum effort to install. We offer a variety of suspension systems: The bullet system is a pre-punched snap on and off, this system is quick to install and is perfect for pedestrian health and safety requirements as there are no separate steel parts. The insect barrier is also extremely durable. If heavy pedestrian use is expected, the product will withstand it. The snap-on system also means that insect curtain can be maintained with ease – simply remove the strips and clean individually (with warm water only).

Our range is available with a variety of suspension systems designed to suit you. If you would like to discuss your requirements with our sales team, we can offer a full bespoke quotation designed to remove all your summer problems. Contact our team on 01925 638753 or email 

Energy Saving Solutions For Small Businesses

Energy saving solutions

Energy prices are climbing and showing no sign of slowing down, but what energy saving solutions can you apply to your workplace?

Making simple energy saving changes to improve your efficiency can save you money, plus it’s good for the planet too!

On brighter days, switching lights off and allowing natural light in will avoid any wasted energy. This may seem like a small thing to do but if implemented enough throughout the week or month, you’ll notice the difference!

Offices constantly have appliances running throughout the day, from PC’s, desk fans, radios and printers – it’s easy to see how energy bills are sky high! It’s often a necessity that these items are switched on, however, it can be very costly. If your workplace makes a conscious effort to switch appliances off when not in use, you’ll be surprised at the energy savings you can make.

It also makes a huge impact switching to energy saving light bulbs where possible, for example, changing tube lights to T5 energy efficient lighting saved £2,282 on the annual energy bill and 8.52 tonnes of CO2 emissions.’.

Companies are introducing measures wherever possible to keep energy bills low, whilst maintaining a reputable carbon footprint and a “green” image. To counterbalance energy price increases we must try to prevent heat loss in industrial and commercial environments.  There are two ways to do this: Insulate and then protect.

Insulation is a primary factor in relation to heat loss and must be looked into extensively.  Insulate your roofs, wall panels, offices and access points to ensure heat is retained wherever possible.  To achieve maximum efficiencies however we should also consider introducing PVC strip curtains in areas of high footfall/traffic as a means of protection against energy loss.  Internal and External Doors that are constantly open to allow traffic and pedestrians access, will cost you greatly, as the cold air enters the building and the warm air escapes or vice versa the air-conditioned cool air escapes and the hot external environment enters.

The simplest solution to this expensive problem is to install PVC strip curtains which allow easy, hands-free access through openings, they return to their original position rapidly and create a substantial barrier between internal and external areas.  Case studies have shown that energy bills can be reduced by up to 60% if installed correctly.

Considering that an average PVC Strip Curtains cost less to purchase and install than your average monthly energy bill, and will pay for themselves usually within 3 months, it makes sense to speak to the specialists at PVC-Strip, invest a small amount in an economical product, that in the long run will save you money and improve both your carbon footprint and green image.

If you would like to discuss our range of PVC strip curtains, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced sales team on 01925 638753 or email

Simplifying PVC Specs

Are you clueless on PVC Strip and unsure on how the technical specifications will affect your application? We simplify the specs and help you discover your ideal curtain…

Temperature Range:

PVC strippvc strip temperature management has a large temperature range for such a flexible product.  The temperature range is simply the range at which the PVC strip will maintain its structure.  At temperatures lower than specified the molecules will react together becoming hard, brittle and the clarity will alter.  At the higher end of the spectrum, the material will deform, lose its shape, and basically melt. Here’s our guide to the minimum and maximum usage temperatures on quality PVC strip:

Standard Grade PVC: -15°C – +50°C
Low Temperature / Polar Grade PVC: +30°C – -40°C  

Chemical Resistance

pvc strip chemical resistanceWe are often asked, “is flexible PVC strip chemical resistant?” The answer is a resounding yes!  PVC strip has good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance, as with other general-purpose plastics.  It’s particularly good with organic solvents, salts, acids, and alkalis. This is why it’s used to make chemical storage tanks, plastic valves and flanges, drainage, and water pipes.  However, if you want to understand how it behaves in relation to a specific chemical within a given environment then it needs to be independently tested.

We can send you samples to test in your actual environment or for more technical results we can send our materials to independent Laboratories on your behalf.  Bear in mind independently testing is costly and the customer bears the cost for any external test requirements but it will ensure that you’ve got bespoke, application-specific test results for your unique environment.

Tensile Strength

tensile strength pvc stripSo, you have a flexible PVC strip technical specification in front of you, you know that you need a strong material but you have no idea what that means or what to look for in quality grade PVC.  Here we break it down into simple terms and explain the basics of tensile strength.

The tensile strength of a material is measured in N/mm². This is the maximum force the PVC strip can be subjected to before it breaks. Good quality PVC strip should achieve results between 10 and 18 (the stronger the PVC the higher the number).

  • Standard grades should be around 16-17;
  • Low-temperature grades should be around 12-13;
  • Super polar grades should be around 10;

Low-temperature grades include added softeners in the PVC compound mix to avoid the material becoming brittle at freezing temperatures, hence the lower figures.

Heat distortion

pvc strip heat distortionTo simplify what is actually quite a complex test, the Vicat softening temperature or heat distortion temperature is basically how far a needle can penetrate into flexible PVC strip, to a specific depth at given temperature variables. The higher the temperature the easier it is for the needle to penetrate the PVC strip.

PVC strip is at a disadvantage when it comes to having a low heat distortion level if you compare it to other plastics, however, this is due to its high levels of flexibility and requirements to be a soft, moveable material.

Ideally, you want this score to be between 45-50, the higher the score the more rigid the material will be.

Fire Retardant

pvc strip Fire retardantPVC strip is an inherently fire resistant plastic as it contains a high percentage of chlorine.  Make no mistake, all PVC will burn (as do almost all materials) but when burned, hydrogen chloride gas is released which slows down the continuous combustion reaction and when the naked flame is removed it will self-extinguish – the material basically chokes itself.  Additionally, the odour released is unpleasant allowing early detection of a fire.

There are many ways of evaluating flexible PVC strip, all PVC strip should be as minimum classified as “self-extinguishing” but the oxygen index is a good line in the sand – the higher the value the better.  Materials that achieve OI ratings of 26+ are as near to a true fire retardant PVC material as you’re going to get in the PVC world.

If would like to view our independent testing video showing the behaviour of standard grade and OI27 PVC strip where you can see which PVC takes the flame and burns quicker for yourselves – then please just ask and we can send it over to you via email.

European Usage of Plastic Strip Curtains

Agricultural plastic strip curtains

In the UK alone, plastic strip curtains are installed in a wide variety of industries such as cold stores, cleanrooms, warehouses, and schools. But where are the most common applications worldwide and why are they such a popular product?

As plastic strip curtains are such a diverse product, there is a huge range of applications PVC strip can be installed in. In the UK, they are most commonly found in very industrial settings, such as warehouses and cold stores. Plastic strip curtains are also found in environments such as zoos, schools, and restaurants – so the products are diverse enough to be applied almost anywhere… They even feature in movies and tv on occasion!

But what is the difference in Europe? Countries have unique applications where strip curtains are a necessity for example. France and Italy are known for their impressive vineyards and wine production but strip curtains are an essential asset to their production, as they ensure the cellar keeps at the perfect temperature whilst still in development. 

Spain and Portugal:

Known for their food markets and fishing ports, open-air stalls, food and hot weather means it’s the best place for bugs to gather – this is where PVC strip curtains come in… By installing strip curtains where possible on market stalls and fishing ports, it means the food cannot be contaminated by flies and other pests but also with the added benefit of keeping the food at a regulated temperature.

Norway & Germany:

Data centres are dotted all around Europe, most commonly in Norway & Germany. Some of the larger companies, like Digiplex who are based in Norway & Sweden, are the innovative leaders in the Nordic region. Plastic strip curtains are used in data centres to help with optimising server cooling, to aid in reducing carbon emissions and work as a low-cost non-technical alternative to expensive server cooling systems.

If you have any questions about plastic strip curtains and how you can introduce them into your business, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01925 638753 or email 

Our PVC Strip Range

PVC-Strip is the UK’s largest manufacturer of PVC strip curtains, so we understand that there isn’t one grade of PVC suitable for all applications. From our 40+ years in business, we have discovered the most popular grades of PVC in the industry and we’ve expanded to hold the UK’s largest stock of PVC rolls, suited just for our customer’s needs. Take a look at our full range of PVC strip rolls below and see how we can provide solutions to common problems in your environment.


The Clear PVC strip roll is the standard grade of PVC that is used in a wide range of applications. The PVC is crystal clear, allowing ease of access for both pedestrians and vehicles while complying with health and safety regulations. The clear PVC strip roll is ideal for almost any application and is also available in low-temperature, which is ideal for environments that are constantly below -0°C, often found in cold stores and refrigerated vehicles to maintain the temperature of the environment.


The ribbed PVC strip roll is used in more frequently in high traffic areas, for ease of access and durability. The thick ribbed protrusion ensures that the PVC is protected while also remaining safe for pedestrians and vehicles. The ribbed PVC roll is also available in low temperature, ideal for environments that operate below -0°C. We recommend this PVC roll in applications that have constant vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the day, most commonly seen in warehouses for forklift trucks and workers to easily pass through.


The frosted PVC strip roll is used most commonly as a privacy partition. The frosted effect reduces visibility but allows light to pass through. Ideal for environments where particular areas need to be hidden from the public eye and offer privacy to staff, e.g., mortuaries, stock areas and open office areas. The frosted PVC strip roll should be considered in conjunction with your health and safety policy as the lessened visibility could pose a risk to the public and staff when passing through.


The perforated PVC strip roll is a summer bestseller. Most commonly found in hot kitchens, supermarkets and warehouses in warmer months where pests can cause big hygiene risks. The PVC is clear, but contains small perforated holes throughout which allow airflow but prevents insects from passing through. The perforated PVC strip roll is ideal for preventing hygiene risks and improving overall health and safety in food preparation areas. This PVC strip is often used as an alternative to our mesh strips that work in a similar way.


We supply two options of coloured PVC here at PVC-Strip, coloured and transparent. Our range consists of red and blue in translucent and opaque, black and grey in opaque. Most commonly found as edge markers to denote hazard areas or access point, the Coloured PVC strip rolls can be used in a variety of applications. Ranging from poultry sheds, art and film sets and food manufacture environments. PVC can also be printed on, providing a unique material, often used in corporate branding.


The anti-static PVC strip roll is designed for installation in datacentres and cleanrooms, offering the best solution for their unique requirements, the main purpose is for contamination control and creating airflow. The benefits of including our anti-static range in datacentres is the increase in capacity with lower, more stable temperatures – which saves energy on air conditioning by up to 67%, optimise server cooling and see ROI in under a year and it maximises airflow dynamics and increases the effectiveness of hot aisle/cold aisle isolation.

The anti-static PVC keeps cleanroom areas free of dust, pollution and other cross contaminates, removes static charge from clothing and prevents the charge being passed inside the cleanroom and helps to contain the environmental regulation within the cleanroom.

ANTI-INSECT PVC ROLL:Anti Insect PVC Strip Rolls

The anti-insect PVC strip roll is translucent yellow and contains citronella, designed to deter airborne pests, like bees, wasps and flies. This range of PVC is very popular in summer, mostly installed in hot kitchen environments, like bakeries and restaurants. The anti-insect PVC improves contamination control and reduces the risk of hygiene breaches in the environment.

WELDING GRADE PVC ROLL:Bronze Welding Grade PVC Strip Roll

The welding grade PVC strip rolls are available in red, bronze and green. The PVC strip rolls can be manufactured into screens, curtains or portable booths for your welding environment. The rolls are naturally dark in colour, however, when light passes through it improves the visibility, making worker observations much easier and removing the risk of harm to workers in the area. The welding grade PVC strip rolls are ideal for protecting workers by screening out hazardous UV rays and blocking sparks or hot metal projectiles that could cause severe burns and fires in the environment.

If you would like to learn more about our PVC strip roll range or would like to purchase any of the products, please visit our PVC strip roll product page. If you would like to discuss your options and enquire about the best PVC roll for your environment, please contact our dedicated and experienced sales team by calling 01925 638753 or emailing

Extend the life of your PVC strip curtain

PVC strip curtains are a long-life product if looked after correctly…  But how are you supposed to care for your PVC kit, make sure it’s well-kept and maintained and lives up to its full potential? We have a few tips…

Choosing your PVC: Clear PVC Strip Roll

Prior to purchasing your PVC strip curtain kit, our team will need to fully understand the environment that your kit will be installed in to make sure that you’re purchasing the ideal PVC material for your requirement. Choosing the correct kit for your application is a pivotal first step in ensuring the PVC can withstand the volume of traffic, temperature ranges and location. When purchasing your PVC strip curtain, our team will be at hand ready to discuss and offer the ideal product for your environment.


Installation:Stainless Steel Hook Type Suspension Rail

PVC-Strip are a supply only company, but we guarantee that by following our helpful guides, you can successfully install a PVC strip curtain in your environment. Our kits are very easy to install, however, we understand that if you are inexperienced, it may seem like a difficult task. We installation guides available in video or text format for both our bullet rail and hook type suspension systems, if you follow our guides carefully, we’re certain that your PVC strip curtain kit will be up quickly and correctly.



Cleaning:PVC Strip Curtain Maintenance

It’s incredibly important to keep your strip curtain clean! Unclean strips can become clouded and cause health and safety risks in environments that require clear visibility, especially in high traffic areas. If your PVC strip kit is being used every day, it’s unavoidable that your strips will become dirty. We advise that you clean your strips as much as possible as part of your maintenance procedure to avoid early replacement and keep your kit looking presentable. Simply wipe down your strips with warm water to clean, it’s as simple as that! The quick and easy procedure will ensure your PVC strips have an extended life and look fresh and well-kept up until replacement.




Eventually, one or more of your PVC strips will become damaged and you may be concerned about the cost of replacing the full kit. We offer a full range of handy replacement PVC strips, sold individually, to fill the gaps in your kit. You easily purchase these low price PVC strips online, cut to size with your exact requirements. If you require any assistance purchasing from our replacement PVC strip range, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team who can guide you through the process and ensure you purchase the correct product for your requirements.



We have been in business for over 40 years, which gives us the advantage of unbeatable product and industry knowledge. We can guarantee we can find a solution for each individual requirement, advising on what options are right for you and how you can prolong the life of your PVC curtain.
If you wish to discuss our PVC range with our sales team, please call us on 01925 638753 or email and our experienced team will gladly answer any questions you may have.