PVC Screens. Flexible PVC Sneeze Shields & Cough Guards.

COVID-19 Products & Sneeze Screens
PVC Screens. Flexible PVC Sneeze Shields & Cough Guards.
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Install our PVC curtains to help staff respect social distancing measure, Set at least 2m apart as per government guidelines our extensive range of PVC strip curtains will help to divide and separate your workforce effectively.



Our PVC screens offer the perfect solution for social distancing in the workplace.

By setting these screens at least 2 metres apart (following government guidelines), our high-quality PVC strip curtains can be used to divide and protect your workforce. Creating a physical barrier is essential for separating work bays, high risk areas, divisions and more in accordance with official advice. In addition to creating that barrier, our PVC strip screens are manufactured using anti-microbial materials to help prevent the spread of infection.

The anti-microbial surface is designed to kill some known viruses on touch. However, these products have not been tested for effectiveness at killing coronavirus (nothing has). If you are considering installing these over standard PVC curtains, contact our team today. We will be happy to send over our SGS independent test reports to help inform your decision.