Economy Grade Anti-Static PVC Strip Rolls - 50M

PVC Strip Rolls 50 Metre
Economy Grade Anti-Static PVC Strip Rolls - 50M
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PVC Range: +50 / -15° for temporary Anti-Static Reduction in Electronic Environments. Anti-Static PVC Strip reduces static electricity from objects & people. Ideal for air flow control.

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  • High grade compound anti-static offers longer term performance of the PVC;
  • Anti-static PVC strips when overlapped and used do not create static build up (as with standard grades) – protecting your cleanroom and datacentre environments;
  • INEOS compound confirmation supplied;
  • Crystal clear PVC rolls ensure absolute visibility of work processes and allows full access to servers;
  • Effectively separates hot / cold aisles and provides flexible datacentre containment;
  • Significantly reduce the load on your servers and reduces temperatures in datacentre aisles – massive energy  savings as a result;
  • Compound grade PVCs offer a longer product shelf life (replace the PVC strips less frequently); 


500 grade PVC
REACH compliant: Yes
Tested to EU / British standards: Yes

Full technical specifications are available for download in our information centre. You are responsible for ensuring the PVC product you buy online is approved for use in your environment.


Economy Grade Anti-Static PVC Strip is a coated PVC recommended by Rayflex Group as an economy grade anti-static PVC only. Suitable for temporary applications that require partitions that will in the short term reduce the build-up of static electricity on people and objects that pass through them within a clean / data environment. Coated Anti-Statics does wear off quickly and if you require a true performance compound anti-static that will last much longer and offer sustained benefits we suggest you review our high-grade anti-static materials.


PVC strip curtains will get dirty and should occasionally be wiped down with warm, soapy water.  Do not use chemicals to clean this product as they can react and cause clouding of the PVC. Ensure they are left hanging vertically when you wipe the strips down, if PVC is left in water it can cloud over time.

If an individual PVC strip becomes damaged simply order individual replacement PVC strips to ensure the opening remains fully sealed.

Do not leave PVC rolls outside in roll form, water will penetrate the coils and will sit there till they are de-coiled, this trapped water and condensation can damage the PVC and cause clouding.  If storing PVC rolls, please ensure they are stored in line with the temperature range of the product.


PVC Roll Dims:

Weight approx. (50m roll):

Traffic Type

Internal / External use


Ideal for use as:

Maximum Height:

200mm x 2mm

25 kilo

Pedestrian only


Light duty

Datacentre containment and modular cleanrooms


300mm x 3mm

55 kilo

Pedestrian only


Medium duty

Datacentre containment and modular cleanrooms



Other PVC rolls in our range include standard grade, Ribbed PVC, Low temperature or freezer grade PVC, opaque and translucent colours.  Please view the relevant product page if you don’t require high grade, anti-static PVC rolls.  

We also offer other specialist grades in our PVC roll range which are extruded to achieve specific performance measures; these include fire resistant PVC, anti-insect PVC and welding grade materials.  Often due to the specialist nature of these products we don’t hold vast stocks as they can have a limited lifespan but we can manufacture to order if they are not immediately available (assuming appropriate tonnage).

Suspension systems: In order to support your PVC strip curtain you can chose to simply fix the strips directly to your wall / structure.  This however can weaken the PVC and it can tear more easily.  We would recommend that you use our hook type suspension system or our bullet rails, available under the hardware section of the site.  Not only does the appropriate hardware strengthen the PVC strip, it will assist with installation and ensure the product moves effectively.