PVC Strip Curtains

Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip curtains have many benefits over rigid doors or open entrances which will ultimately save businesses time and money. Available in kit form, they are easy to install requiring little if any structural alterations to make them fit most throughfares.  Strip curtains also act as excellent insulators and can save as much as between 35% and 50% on energy costs associated with heating large open spaces.  Not only do they save energy costs, but they also help control temperate airflow and can act as a noise insulator too. They provide hands free access through the opening making moving goods in and out a lot more straightforward.  PVC strip curtains are very also durable, hygienic, and easy to clean helping to provide a physical barrier against contamination and the movement of insects and other pests.

PVC Strip Curtains also admits light into a building or warehouse which in turn can help in reducing lighting costs during daylight hours.  

Where PVC strip curtains can be used

When you buy your PVC strip curtain, each kit is carefully designed and manufactured to meet the needs of each industry’s unique requirements.  They have been created to make environments safer, improve temperature management and offer ease of access to pedestrians and vehicles. Essentially, each PVC strip curtain makes sure each different environment has the ideal solution and the PVC strip curtains will be perfect for a number of different environments:

Designed to form a flexible physical barrier across almost any size of pedestrian or vehicle opening, PVC strip curtains offer many different benefits and advantages, regardless of the application that they are installed in. This variety of features and benefits makes them ideal for many industrial applications such as Industrial warehouses and loading bays. Manufacturers and food companies also use them for Freezer/Fridge curtains, both walk in and retail applications, cold rooms and they make excellent butchers’ curtains. PVC Strip curtains can also be manufactured coloured as well as clear and are then used as welding curtains.  They are often also found in public buildings, schools and universities and the dust prevention qualities makes them ideal for use in data centres and cleanrooms.  


PVC Strip Curtain Maintenance

PVC Strip Curtains can soon become dirty if not regularly cleaned and maintained, especially in manufacturing or processing companies where there is a lot of dust in the atmosphere or a lot of usage. However, this is not a major problem, as PVC curtains are very easy to clean. The easiest way to clean your PVC curtains is by using warm water and a sponge and this should be enough to get most of the muck and marks off and get them looking bright and clean If they are very grubby, you can buy specialist PVC cleaning solutions from many online retailers which will help remove more ingrained dirt and grease-based marks.


PVC Strip Curtains for Cold environments, freezers, and cold stores

PVC Strip curtains have been designed with cold environments in mind. If you need PVC strip curtains for a freezer, cold store or as an external barrier where outside temperatures are likely to fall well below zero then PVC strip curtains are a perfect solution. If the freezer or environment they are to be used in is an environment where the temperatures could get as low as -30°c, or more, then the PVC strips that you need will be specifically manufactured to be Polar Grade. Polar grade PVC has been designed specifically for this and would ensure optimum insulation and performance in the cold environment.

Polar grade PVC not only helps to regulate and stabilise the temperature either side of the curtain, but it will not hinder pedestrian or vehicle access in or out of the freezer or cold store, however hostile the environment it is that you’re using the strips curtains in.  

PVC Strip Curtains on-line

PVC Strip curtains are manufactured, stocked, and distributed throughout the UK from both traditional manufacturing business and via online sites offering product selector tools and fast delivery.  They can be ordered and supplied in a number of different sizes, weights and grades of PVC. We can also supply specialist grades for unique applications such as food, high temperature applications, low temperature welding grade materials and anti-static PVC for use in data centres.

Bespoke manufacture of PVC Strip Curtains

The UK is a hot bed for the manufacturer of high quality, durable, energy-saving industrial PVC strip curtains. They can be bespokley manufactured to provide any strip curtain to suit any opening and door size ranging, from small, pedestrian openings to heavy-duty industrial and manufacturing applications. made to measure PVC strip door curtains and screens are versatile, so they can be installed easily into a wide variety of industries with very little interruption, downlight or intervention from the company installing the curtains.

PVC Strip Curtain Colours

PVC Strip Curtains can be produced in many different colours, In both translucent and opaque. They can also be supplied frosted.  The opaque ranges typically include the colours red, black, blue, and grey, and are most often used to create a physical colour barrier used in food production, processing, and warehouse environments to identify access areas or show high risk areas. The transparent range also includes red and blue, the transparent strips allow a level of visibility for health and safety reasons, which are also frequently used in the food production sector to show areas of entry or highlight high risk areas. Th standard coloured PVC strip range is best suited for ambient temperature environments that operate between +50 / -15°C.



PVC Strip Chiller Blinds

Advantages of Chiller Blinds

Chiller blinds help maintain the cool temperature withing a chiller cabinet ensuring your business meets the food health safety standards relating to the storage of chilled or fresh foods. They can also help you reduce your energy consultation and costs by as much as 50% by limiting air-movement and keeping the chilled air within the cabinet. Chiller blinds can also help improve sales. Customers can still see clearly into the cabinet, and they have easy access to your chilled products, they also appreciate the freshness and notice the cool air withing giving confidence that the product is indeed stored at the correct temperature. Chiller blinds can also be easily retrofitted to existing refrigerated cabinets with basic DIY tools and the unique clip-on design which is a feature of many blinds makes restocking and managing stock levels simple. Many systems are also available with the option to have strips fixed with only upper rail leaving lower section to hang free.

Chiller blinds are also very hygienic and can be easily cleaned with simple soap and water. It Is also easy to keep the cabinet clean as the blinds can be removed to allow cleaning access to the chiller.

They are also remarkably cost effective. Not only are they low cost to initially purchase, but installation costs are low and with no moving parts, very little maintenance is required, and most chiller blind kits have very long lifespans.

Our Chiller blinds

The chiller blinds we manufacture here in the UK and made from PVC Strips. They are manufactured to suit all UK standard fridge sizes although we can create made to measure chiller blinds if you have an unusual size refrigerator or on that has been adapted in any way. If you require a bespoke made chiller blind, please contact our sales team and we can take more details and provide a competitive quote and delivery timeframes.

Our UK made chiller blinds are available as top fix or as dual fix blinds for convenience of fitting and usage. If you require longer runs, the   PVC chiller blinds can simply butt up next to each other. To keep our blind manufacturing as cost effective as possible, we manufacture from the nearest 10cm PVC width and from the top of the rail to the bottom of the PVC strip / bottom of the rail in dual fix applications we include a 5cm additional allowance. If you are providing us with measurements for your chiller blind you must measure your fridge with this tolerance in mind.

Colours of Chiller Blinds available

At present we only manufacture our chiller blinds in clear PVC. However, we manufacture many other PVC strip products with different colour options so if you require a chiller blind system in any other colour, please contact us for a bespoke solution.

Chiller blind delivery options

All our chiller blind kits are made here in the UK and are available for immediate shipment. We can also arrange a click and collect facility if you would like to pick them up.


PVC Colour: Clear / transparent (light blue tint), PVC profile: Flat, PVC Grade: Standard Temperature PVC strip PVC Roll width range: 100mm, PVC Roll thickness range: 1mm (please note we offer 1.2mm and 2mm if required), UV stable: Yes.

Temperature range: +50°c to -15°c (PVC can degrade at the extremities of this range).  If you require a PVC chiller blind to be made from low temperature PVC (+30 / -40°c) then this is possible, we use 100mm w x 2mm thick freezer grade PVC material in this instance.



PVC Colour: Clear / transparent (light blue tint)

PVC profile: Flat

PVC Grade: Standard Temperature PVC strip

PVC Roll width range: 100mm

PVC Roll thickness range: 1mm (please note we offer 1.2mm and 2mm if required)

UV stable: Yes.

Temperature range: +50°c to -15°c (PVC can degrade at the extremities of this range).  If you require a PVC chiller blind to be made from low temperature PVC (+30 / -40°c) then this is possible, we use 100mm w x 2mm thick freezer grade PVC material in this instance.


Chiller blind spare parts

As we manufacture all our chiller blinds, we are bale to make spare parts and components available should you need to buy any replacements or additional parts. Sometimes parts can become dirty or damaged, so this is a cost-effective solution and better value than replacing the entire chiller unit or blind kit.


PVC Welding Curtains

We offer a wide range and variety of welding grade PVC materials to suit every application including mobile portable welding screens, welding curtains and replacement welding PVC sheets that are used in the manufacture of the curtains. The offer Effective protection and screening from welding flash with limited visibility, protect people against dangerous UV (light) radiation and projectiles emitted by welding arcs.

We have over 50 years’ combined experience of manufacturing an extensive range of warehouse, industrial and welding curtains and screens using PVC strips and sheets and our experienced team are on hand to help you with any questions you might have regarding the suitability of any of our welding curtains to your exact requirements.

All our high-quality PVC welding curtain products are manufactured and tested to the highest current  European and British quality standards and comply with European REACH directives

The approved to ISO25980 welding grade PVC materials and our low-UV PVC sheets are used to manufacture commercial welding curtains, industrial welding screens, and mobile welding booths for clients looking to offer their services onsite at their client’s facilities. PVC Welding curtains are available as made to measure ready to be used or they can be provided in component form for you to make your own shields or curtains.

The low UV PVC strip material we use to manufacture our welding curtains are all available in full 50m rolls or as replacement PVC strip available to buy  in 1m sections.


PVC Welding Curtains Colour Options

The low UV PVC strip material that we provide comes in 3 industry recognised colour options: Red, Green and Bronze. The colour of our welding screens is manufactured this way for more than indicating to outside workers that welding is taking place. The colour of the screen affects the wavelength of the light of the welding that reaches the eye of the welder or fellow work colleagues. The coloured PVC screens absorb UV radiation, and the colour is very important as different colours absorb different radiation levels and provide different levels of protection.

Our Red Welding curtains reflect more of the light and are well-suited to a welding process that uses medium amperage welding applications. Whilst our blue welding screens are ideal for medium to high protection welding situations as the dark colour protects eyes by blocking out a lot of the available UV light

Yellow and Clear PVC curtains do not provide professional eye protection in welding work areas and both yellow and clear curtains are manufactured as grinding curtains where there is no safety issue regarding UV Light. Although the yellow curtains do provide some level of protection against UV rays it is not suitable for use as a welding curtain.

The bronze (dark brown) low UV PVC strip is ideal for creating static welding screens and the bronze curtain will protect workers from harmful UV rays emitted during the welding process.

Our low UV bronze PVC strip curtain material is most commonly used by industry professionals who want to create small partitioned welding booths within their factories or large runs and factory divisions with allocated welding bays for multiple work stations or they wish to create bespoke applications where UV protection is required 

Low UV PVC strip is dark in colour as this is designed to screen out the harmful UV rays and welding flash, you can still see through the PVC when light comes from behind the PVC screen and the PVC curtain provides optical protection from metal welding and flash. Welding curtains also protects workers from sparks and hot metal shards that can cause severe burns to unprotected skin or set fire to flammable materials.


Sizes available

All our welding curtains are available in a variety of different widths and thicknesses depending on the application required.