Cleanroom PVC Strip Curtain Kits

Cleanroom PVC Strip Curtain Kits

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Cleanroom PVC Strip Curtains

Our cleanroom kits are only manufactured to order, as there no set sizes for modular softwall cleanrooms. We can manufacture to size rapidly and our softwall PVC strip enclosures represent the most economical type of modular cleanroom wall construction on the market.
Our PVC strips or panels overlap to create a seal that won’t allow foreign particles into your cleanroom environment, the strips are self-closing and allow workers to be witnessed at all times. Cleanroom curtains are used extensively in electronics, food, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, hospitals where the utmost levels of care and attention to product detail are required. Cleanroom curtains are recommended for use in ISO Class 7-8 cleanrooms.

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Product Detail

The DK range of PVC curtains for cleanrooms is an economical solution to area containment in industry.  We use either standard grade PVC or high-grade anti-static PVC (various widths and thicknesses) for cleanroom applications to meet your containment requirements. Our PVC curtain kits include either the premium range plastic bullet rails or stainless steel hook type suspension rails to complete the kit. The suspension systems offer ease of install and ensure safety for high and low traffic environments. We are a supply only company, so if you require assistance when installing, please visit our information centre to view our variety of installation guides for both our plastic bullet rail and stainless steel hook type suspension systems.

PVC strip curtain kit sizes for cleanrooms are manufactured to order and we need to understand your exact requirements before we can provide a quotation.  As a starting point we need to know:

  • Opening width/length of runs required to create your modular cleanroom;
  • Opening height/drops so we can cut the PVC strips to an appropriate length;
  • Grade of PVC required – do you have any anti-static or fire retardant requirements?
  • What is being manufactured within the cleanroom?

Benefits of cleanroom PVC strip curtains

  • Self-closing - reduce the risk of particles entering the room
  • Extremely economical
  • Allows light in for full visibility when working
  • Allows external staff to witness cleanroom processes
  • Anti-static options available
  • Fire resistant options available
  • High UV resistance
  • Available in clear and many colour tints
  • Individual replacement PVC strips available if damaged or dirtied

Cleanroom PVC strip curtain kits

Technical Detail

Full technical specifications are available for download in our information centre. You are responsible for ensuring the PVC product you buy online is approved for use in your environment.


PVC strip curtains will get dirty and should occasionally be wiped down with warm, soapy water.  Do not use chemicals to clean this product as they can react and cause clouding of the PVC. Ensure they are left hanging vertically when you wipe the strips down, if PVC is left in water it can cloud over time.
If an individual PVC strip becomes damaged simply order individual replacement PVC strips to ensure the opening remains fully sealed.