Agricultural PVC Strip Curtain Kits

Agricultural PVC Strip Curtain Kits

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Agricultural PVC Strip Curtains

Our agricultural plastic strip curtain kits are manufactured to order to suit the varying requirements of the agricultural & farming sector. We specialise in manufacturing strip curtains that are heavy duty and long lasting, designed to withstand the demands of agricultural use. With quick manufacture lead times, our plastic strip curtains are recommended for various applications within the farming sector. Whether you are looking to cover poultry sheds with blackout curtains, dairy sheds, animal barns or stables with weather protectors, separating and containing areas within abattoirs or to cover storage facilities with PVC screens... We can advise and manufacture a plastic strip curtain to suit any application. We also recommend PVC strip for strength liners on pig troughs and silos. All our agricultural plastic strip curtains are bespoke and made to order to suit each application's unique requirements, please complete our enquiry form and our sales team will offer advice and provide a quotation for your unique strip curtain application. 

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Product Detail

The DK range of plastic strip doors for the agricultural market is an economical solution to covering all your openings where ease of access, temperature, weather and light control are a major concern.  We use heavy duty PVC strip (ribbed or flat grades) and black PVC strip for poultry barns.  We utilise PVC strip of various widths and thickness to ensure we can load the appropriate weight into your product.

We have a range of suspension systems to suit your requirement and as we are a supply only company, you can find all our installation guides in our information centre. Plastic strip door kits for agricultural use are manufactured to order and we need to understand your exact requirements before we can provide a quotation.

As a starting point we need to know:

  • Opening width – so we can create the correct overlap and supply the right number of PVC strips;
  • Opening height - so we can cut the PVC strips to an appropriate length;
  • Grade of PVC required – are there any colour or specific performance requirements?
  • What type of application are we manufacturing the PVC strip curtain for? For example, Poultry black-out sheds, storage area covers, barn openings;

Benefits of agricultural plastic strip doors:

  • Self-closing – you don’t have to repeatedly open/close heavy doorways for pedestrian or vehicle access;
  • Extremely economical;
  • Available in a large range of colours and grades to ensure we can recommend the correct product for your application;
  • High UV resistance;
  • Durable – able to withstand the external elements and farm usage;
  • Individual replacement PVC strips available if damaged or dirtied

agricurtural pvc strip curtains 

Technical Detail

Full technical specifications are available for download in our information centre. You are responsible for ensuring the PVC product you buy online is approved for use in your environment.


Plastic strip doors will get dirty and should occasionally be wiped down with warm, soapy water.  Do not use chemicals to clean this product as they can react and cause clouding of the PVC. Ensure they are left hanging vertically when you wipe the strips down, if PVC is left in water it can cloud over time.
If an individual PVC strip becomes damaged simply order individual replacement PVC strips to ensure the opening remains fully sealed.