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PVC Strip is a specialist in manufacturing high-quality industrial PVC strips in the UK and is the largest supplier and stockist of PVC strip curtains, PVC rolls, PVC sheets, and associated suspension systems for PVC curtains. We have led the market for over 40 years, supplying strip curtain solutions to commercial, industrial and domestic markets. We can manufacture flexible PVC curtains to suit any opening size or application requirement and hold large stocks of pre-made, ready to dispatch PVC strip curtain kits that suit standard doorways and opening sizes. Our energy-saving PVC strip door kits are manufactured to effectively control and minimise temperature, offering large financial incentives against heating bills. As well as this, our door kits can help to contain and separate areas from dust, fumes, and other pollutants and can generally improve the health and safety of workers in all environments. In addition to strip curtains, we also manufacture one-piece industrial PVC screens, welding screens, insect curtains, and PVC chiller blinds, along with large stocks of high-grade PVC rolls and associated suspension systems.  Our PVC strip range includes: ambient temperature; freezer-grade; ribbed; transparent coloured; opaque coloured; anti-static; anti-insect; perforated; frosted; and welding grade.
We actively supply our PVC products into numerous market sectors including: food and cold-storage, cleanrooms, datacentres, schools, construction, cold chain logistics, warehousing and storage, agriculture and hospitality.

All of these industries benefit highly from the use of PVC curtains and PVC screens manufactured by PVC-Strip.

At PVC-Strip, we strive to be the best in our industry. We only use the highest grades of REACH compliant PVC, in which our prices are extremely competitive, and our customer service and experienced team are on hand to offer a high-level advisory service, ensuring you are buying the right product for your unique application.

Please take your time to browse our extensive online range of PVC products. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide and advise you on the most appropriate PVC solution to suit your needs. Give us a call on 01925 638753 or send an enquiry through to our website.

Latest Blog Posts, News and Articles

Choosing a welding curtain

Not all welding curtains are the same, there are different material types, sizes and colours all designed to provide varying solutions to keeping you and you workforce safe.

Here at PVC STRIP, we provide a wide variety of welding grade PVC materials and complete screens to suit every application. ISO25980 welding grade PVC and our low-UV PVC are used to manufacture welding curtains, screens, and mobile booths for our clients. The PVC screens are made to suit either a sliding track suspension system or tension wires and clips so it’s important to understand how the screens are going to be fixed as well as the intended usage

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Is it time to Replace Your PVC Strip Curtains?

All of our PVC products that we manufacture here at www.pvc-strip.co.uk are designed to last and withstand the demands of the harsh environment they are often used in, however, just like any other frequently used product, they are at risk of becoming damaged from constant heavy usage and corrosive materials and chemicals. We are proud to be one of the UK’s largest distributors and manufacturers of PVC strip curtains, and we are experts in the industry so find out what to look for when assessing the condition of your PVC Strip curtains, welding screens or PVC sheets

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What is PVC

PVC is an abbreviation of Polyvinyl Chloride which is derived from carbon and common salt and has been commercially manufactured since 1933. PVC Products are very long-lasting, and this versatile product is widely used in many commercial applications including the building, electrical, packaging and healthcare industries.

PVC has become increasingly popular in the building and construction industry and has now all but replaced some of the more traditional materials used, including metal, concrete, and wood for many products and solutions. The advantage of using PVC instead of the traditional materials is that it is strong and lightweight, making it easier to transport, durable and versatile.

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Rising energy costs in your warehousing facilities? Install PVC Strip Curtains and industrial doors

All businesses, whether they are based in the UK or further afield have an urgent need to reduce costs in order to stay competitive. As the cost of energy has spiked even more as energy caps are lifted and global tensions put up the cost of oil, Energy costs become an even larger proportion of total costs for the majority of manufacturers and warehouse operators. Saving energy and looking at ways to reduce energy wastage becomes more in focus. It has been estimated the energy savings from installing PVC Strip curtains could pay for their purchase and installation in less than 3 months.

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Reduce dust and air pollution with PVC Strip Curtains

We all know that being exposed to big amounts of dust can be very harmful to our health potentially leading to long-lasting respiratory problems. Dust can also have a negative effect on the running of machinery and the quality of products, so it is very important that exposure to dust particles and pollution is kept as low as possible to avoid poor health amongst your and therefore, it is very important to ensure that the correct measures are put in place to guarantee the highest level of safety. This is where PVC strip curtains come in.

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PVC Strip Curtain Your Measuring Guide

Here at PVC-Strip, we specialise in made-to-measure Industrial PVC strip Curtains as well as readymade PVC Curtain Kits. We manufacture PVC Strip curtains to fit in any door or opening size you may have and will recommend what is best for you and your business. This advice will include the strip grade, profile, and overlap to ensure you are using the right curtain for each application. All you have to do is measure your opening’s height and width, this will be in mm. You can find all the information you need regarding the measurements we need for your curtains on our blog post

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Consumer appetite is back! With social distancing and outdoor gatherings still making us all feel comfortable prepare for a season of parties and get togethers. Your commercial fridges will need to be full to the brim of chilled foods and drinks. Do not let your customers down by serving warm, non-premium drinks and foods. Ensure your commercial fridges are well maintained and covered with PVC chiller blinds to keep the cold air inside your chillers and see you the whole summer through.

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New range of COVID-19 products and Sneeze Screens

Here at PVC Strip, we are regarded across our industry as specialists in the supply and manufacture of PVC products including curtains, made to measure PVC strip curtains, readymade kits, rolls, welding screens, PVC screens & dividers, sheets, chiller blinds, suspension systems and PVC insect curtains & fly screens impact doors for both industrial and commercial applications. we have now turned our commercial, manufacturing, and marketing expertise to producing a range of COVID-19 products and sneeze screens which is now available online. You can see our full range of covid screens here.

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PVC resin prices under pressure during 2021 as manufacturers deal with the economic impact of the pandemic.

Manufactures are experiencing the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic and the knock on effect of global supply chain issues as prices of many raw materials rise above the base line inflation rate. One area under cost pressure is that of manufactured PVC products, including our very own PVC Strip Curtain range of products, accessories, and replacement parts which rely on the wholesale cost of PVC resin which has seen multiple price increases during 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

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Following the success of the PVC-Strip price match initiative, we have made the decision to extend the popular initiative. We are the UK’s biggest manufacturer, distributer, and spare parts supplier of PVC strip curtains, welding screens and chiller blinds and hold the largest stock of PVC strip rolls anywhere in the UK. To support our claim as the best in the business and to back up our value promise, we provide a price match guarantee on all our PVC strip curtains and promise that we will not be beaten on any ‘like-for-like’ written quotation.

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We are here to give you advice and to help you buy PVC Strip Curtains or industrial impact doors. Do you want some simple advice on cleaning, maintenance, or replacing parts? Here are the top 5 questions we have come across from people in manufacturing and warehousing who ask us about PVC industrial strip curtains, and the tips we have put together on the back of these questions on getting the most out of your investment for years of worry-free usage.

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A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. It is used to help extend and ensure the shelf life of “chilled”; products such as fresh seafood, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs. An essential part of any cold chain are PVC strips: It’s important that you choose the correct PVC grade when selecting PVC strips for your cold chain. Here is a brief list to some of the different grade PVC strips we offer and how well they operate. Standard grade PVC: operates well between +50°c and -15°c, low-temperature grade operates well between +30°c and -25°c and super polar grade operates well between +15°c and -60°c

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With summer well on the way and with cafes, bars, restaurants, and pubs returning to a near normal we will need something new other than “the virus” to moan about soon! And one of the biggest annoyances to the hospitality trade and their customers is pesky insects buzzing around your food! Ensure you keep your commercial kitchens clean by installing mesh curtains on the open doorways. We manufacture our pest control curtains to suit any opening size and have options on mesh or PVC depending on your requirements.

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Summer Proofing Your Facilities with Our PVC Products!

The sun is desperately trying to make an appearance and we’re thrilled about it! But, with warmer weather and sunnier days comes a few issues in the workplace – here we have a range of PVC products that are manufactured to remove any irritations so you can enjoy the sun but not be burdened with the issues that it can bring! We have a huge PVC range, designed with summer in mind. Our products are suited for a variety of facilities to assist with issues such as: airborne pest control, room temperature management and product temperature management

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What information do I need to provide when ordering PVC Strip Curtains?

You will need to measure the height and width of the opening and provide us with this information. if you need any help with this, just get in contact. You only need to measure the clear opening space, as we will automatically add any extra on the width and the height of the doorway to make sure any minor adjustments at installation can be made. We will also need to know if the door opening is likely to be completely internal or external and the type of traffic that will use the doorway, such as people or vehicles,

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PVC Welding Screens, flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions

We offer welding grade flexible PVC strip rolls ideal for creating PVC strip curtain welding bays. Our welding grade PVC rolls effectively screen workers eyes from welding flash and protect people from potential projectiles. Our range of welding grade PVC strip rolls is available in green, red and bronze, available in 200-300mm wide and 2-3mm thick PVC strip. We supply PVC welding screens with fit to free-standing frames, designed to suit most welding bay requirements. All our PVC welding screen offers economical and moveable welding partitioning to suit various welding site requirements.

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Fast, efficient delivery

We offer a wide variety of other delivery methods, including next day pre 10:30am, same day, Saturday delivery, European road and international sea and air. We dispatch as soon as possible on all orders. We will notify if there are stock shortages and provide an anticipated delivery date. Please note, some items are >manufactured to order and are usually dispatched within 3-5 days of order receipt. If you require a delivery by a certain date this must be notified to us in writing upon order receipt. If the date is not achievable, we will advise.

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PVC-Strip has been manufacturing high-quality PVC Strip Curtain door kit for both industrial and commercial use for over 40 years. We stock a range of dimensions for each PVC strip door kit, from 900mm x 2200mm up to 4900mm x 5000mm. You can also send us your specifications if you require a bespoke size and fitting for your PVC strip curtains. Simply send us your requirements and we can discuss in detail a price. If you want to speak to a member of the PVC-Strip team call on 01925 638753

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