Green ISO 25980 Welding Grade PVC Rolls (Matte Finish)

ISO25980 Welding grade PVC strip rolls
Green ISO 25980 Welding Grade PVC Rolls (Matte Finish)
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PVC Range: +50 / -15° for Welding Applications. High-Quality ISO25980 EN1598, green, welding grade flexible PVC. Effective screening from welding flash with limited visibility, protect people against dangerous radiations and projectiles emitted by welding arcs.

Roll Dimensions: 300mm wide x 2mm thick x 50m roll
Roll Colour: Dark Green / Matte Finish



  • Protect workers during the welding process;
  • Screen out welding flash and hazardous UV rays emitted during the welding process;
  • Retain visibility behind the PVC welding screen safety;
  • Welding grade PVC also blocks sparks and hot metal projectiles;
  • Economical solution to PVC welding bay creation;


DIN EN ISO 25980:25-01
300 X 2

Our green welding grade PVC strip is ideal for creating static welding screens and providing protection in welding environments. The material is naturally dark in colour, which protects workers from harmful UV rays emitted during the welding process by screening them out. When light radiates behind the curtain, visibility improves without sacrificing safety against welding flash. The curtains also protect against sparks and hot metal projectiles, preventing severe burns and potential fire hazards.

Our high-quality PVC products are manufactured and tested to European and British quality standards and comply with European REACH directives. Technical specifications are available for all our welding grade PVC products.


PVC strip curtains will get dirty and should occasionally be wiped down with warm, soapy water.  Do not use chemicals to clean this product as they can react and cause clouding of the PVC. Ensure they are left hanging vertically when you wipe the strips down, if PVC is left in water it can cloud over time.

If an individual PVC strip becomes damaged simply order individual replacement PVC strips to ensure the opening remains fully sealed.

Do not leave PVC rolls outside in roll form, water will penetrate the coils and will sit there till they are de-coiled, this trapped water and condensation can damage the PVC and cause clouding.  If storing PVC rolls, please ensure they are stored in line with the temperature range of the product.