PVC-Strip manufacture bespoke PVC strip curtains that are designed to work effectively in a cleanroom environment. Our high grade, crystal clear PVC is used in the manufacture of PVC softwall enclosures, allowing workers to be observed while creating an effective barrier to ensure the environment remains clean and hygienic. This economical solution can be found in cleanrooms within industries like manufacturing, food, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and hospitals.

PVC strip curtains are self-closing and allow easy hands-free access, offering ultimate ease and protection for the carefully considered environment. We have a large range of PVC strip that is often used in the manufacture of softwall enclosures and we hold the UK’s largest stock of PVC, meaning we can react immediately to the manufacture and supply of cleanroom PVC strip curtains. Simply contact us with your unique requirements and our experienced team can assist in creating a bespoke curtain ideal for your cleanroom environment.

Benefits include:

•    Easy hands-free access

•    Durability

•    Barrier against insects and contamination

•    Easy to maintain and clean

•    Save up to 50% on energy bills


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