Food Production

Food Production

Food Production

PVC-Strip are experienced in supplying PVC strip curtains within the food industry, providing expert advice, rapid service and consistently high-quality products.

We aim to assist the food production industry by ensuring health and safety is kept to a high standard and improving overall hygiene in the environment. Where food is concerned, it’s key to ensure all steps are taken to reduce the risk of contamination and avoid any risks where hygiene may be concerned. Each requirement for the food production is unique and our experienced team is dedicated to assisting each customer in designing their ideal bespoke PVC strip curtain.

We hold the largest stock of PVC strip in the UK and we can guarantee we can supply the right grade of PVC to suit each requirement. Food production environments often require PVC strip curtains in a variety of materials for a range of applications, such as:

•    Coloured PVC strip curtain: Denote no access areas or alerting high-risk areas

•    Clear PVC strip curtains:  Divide areas, improve hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination

•    Low-temperature PVC strip curtains: Maintain the temperature of perishable goods 

Benefits include:

•    Easy hands-free access

•    Durability

•    Barrier against insects and contamination

•    Easy to maintain and clean

•    Save up to 50% on energy bills


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Food Production