Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated Vehicles

PVC-Strip is the leading manufacturer and supplier of PVC strip curtains for use in refrigerated vehicles.

Our PVC strip kits are designed to ensure efficiency when transporting perishable and valuable items that require a specific temperature controlled environment, we aim to work with each refrigerated vehicle manufacturer, refurbishment company and end user to determine the best solution to ensuring products are kept at their best and to avoid any health and safety issues. The high-grade PVC strip operates to -40°C, with a variety of profiles to suit the nature of your fridge or freezer vehicle.

We hold the largest stock of PVC strip in the UK, meaning we can react quickly to any fridge/freezer requirement. Please contact our experienced sales team for advice on the ideal PVC strip curtain for your requirement.

Benefits include:

•    Easy hands-free access

•    Durability

•    Barrier against insects and contamination

•    Easy to maintain and clean

•    Save up to 50% on energy bills

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Refrigerated Vehicles