Restaurant, Café & Bar

Restaurant, Café & Bar

Restaurant, Café & Bar

PVC-Strip manufacture and supply PVC strip curtains for use in commercial food retail environments. Supplying to small and large restaurant, cafes and bars to aid with airflow, contamination control and temperature management.

Our PVC strip curtains are often used out of public view, assisting to improve the hygiene where food is present and maintaining high standards of health and safety. In environments where hygiene control is absolutely critical, precautions must be in place to avoid any risks of contamination from the likes of bacteria carrying pests. PVC strip curtains are installed not only to divide areas but act as a barrier to any flies, wasps or bees that may cause harm and risk in a kitchen environment.

Our range of PVC chiller blinds are ideal for covering open fridge, freezers and deli counters to keep produce at the optimal temperature and extend the life of commercial refrigeration units. Often seen in supermarkets, small convenience stores and cafes, they provide savings on energy, reduction in theft and improvements in energy saving.

Benefits include:

•    Easy hands-free access

•    Durability

•    Barrier against insects and contamination

•    Easy to maintain and clean

•    Save up to 50% on energy bills


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Restaurant, Café & Bar