Perforated PVC strip rolls - 50M

PVC Strip Rolls 50 Metre
Perforated PVC strip rolls - 50M
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Perforated PVC strip rolls are designed for use in ambient temperature environments and are generally used in the manufacture of PVC strip curtains, creating breathable barriers ideal for use on external doorways in hot kitchens and environments that need to let fresh air in but want to keep the pests and contamination out. The PVC strip profile is perforated with small, elongated holes that create an effective barrier whilst covering your opening from insects, larger pests and airborne pollutants. Our perforated PVC strip rolls are REACH compliant and used extensively in the pest control industry.

Perforated PVC 200mm Wide x 2mm thick x 50m roll.

Please note this is the only dimension we offer in the perforated range.



  • Material is sold in 50m coils allowing self-manufacture of PVC strip curtains;
  • Value for money – DIY strip curtains represent the best value for money (please do not underestimate the work involved in doing it yourself, we can manufacture to size on your behalf for a small price);
  • Allows fresh air to circulate from outside to inside;
  • Keeps pests, insects and airborne pollutants out;
  • Enhanced durability and strength over flat PVC strips;
  • Crystal clear allowing absolute visibility between areas – a must for health and safety in your workplace;


500 grade PVC
REACH compliant: Yes
Tested to EU / British standards: Yes

Full technical specifications are available for download in our information centre. You are responsible for ensuring the PVC product you buy online is approved for use in your environment.


Perforated PVC strip rolls are available to buy online in 50m rolls.  We hold good stocks of perforated PVC rolls from 200mm wide and 2mm  thick. Our perforated PVC rolls are high grade, they remain fully translucent and do not inhibit visibility and are suitable for use in the food industry.

PVC Colour: Clear / Transparent (light blue tint)
PVC profile: Perforated
PVC Grade: Standard Temperature PVC strip
PVC Roll width range: 200mm wide
PVC Roll thickness range: 2mm thick
UV stable: Yes.
Temperature range: +50°c to -15°c (PVC can degrade at the extremities of this range)

In order to decide what PVC width and thickness you require then please bear in mind that it’s important to create a balance between the weight of the PVC and the access requirements of the doorway / opening / partition.  The thicker the PVC the heavier it weighs and the wider the material the more difficult it is for pedestrians to pass through with relative ease.  To assist and to provide a general rule of thumb please see below PVC roll suitability chart, please note, these are standard recommendations only.  If you in are in any doubt please do not hesitate to discuss your individual application with one of our skilled technical advisors.


PVC Roll Dims:

Weight approx. (50m roll):

Traffic Type

Internal / External use


Ideal for use in:

Maximum Height:

200mm x 2mm

17 kilo

Pedestrian only


Light duty

Kitchen environments



Other PVC rolls in our range include standard flat PVC, Low temperature or freezer grade PVC, opaque and translucent colours.  Please view the relevant product page if you don’t require perforated, standard grade PVC rolls.  

We also offer specialist grades in our PVC roll range which are extruded to achieve specific performance measures; these include anti-static PVC, fire resistant PVC, anti-insect PVC and welding grade materials.  Often due to the specialist nature of these products we don’t hold vast stocks as they can have a limited lifespan but we can manufacture to order if they are not immediately available (assuming appropriate tonnage).

Suspension systems: In order to support your PVC strip curtain you can chose to simply fix the strips directly to your wall / structure.  This however can weaken the PVC and it can tear more easily.  We would recommend that you use our hook type suspension system or our bullet rails, available under the hardware section of the site.  Not only does the appropriate hardware strengthen the PVC strip, it will assist with installation and ensure the product moves effectively.