Top fix PVC chiller blinds

PVC Chiller Blinds
Top fix PVC chiller blinds
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Keep your produce cold, reduce energy bills by up to 40% and increase the lifespan of your refrigeration unit by installing PVC strip chiller blinds. Using 100mm wide x 1mm thick PVC strips, these lightweight strips create a transparent barrier between the inside/outside of your multi-deck fridge without hindering access to your products.

Our top fix PVC chiller blinds are available online in various sizes or made to measure for non-standard applications. Please note: these items are not usually offered for next day delivery as they are manufactured to order – please speak to us if your requirement is urgent.

As low as £67.00


  • Keeps your produce cold – improving product sales on chilled items and helps you achieve food safety standards;
  • £ in your pocket – PVC chiller blinds reduces the power required to run the chiller – creating impressive energy savings;
  • Wastage – lessens wastage on perishable items and extends their shelf life;
  • Value for money – PVC chiller blinds pay for themselves very quickly;
  • Stocking your fridge / freezer – our fantastic rail profile means you can simply unclick the system when re-stocking;
  • Hygiene – the entire product can be removed very easily allowing for simple and fast cleaning (see maintenance suggestions below);
  • REACH compliant;


500 Grade PVC strip
REACH compliant: Yes
Tested to EU / British standards: Yes

Full technical specifications are available for download in our information centre. You are responsible for ensuring the PVC product you buy online is approved for use in your environment.


Our PVC chiller blinds are available in both top fix and dual fix options.  Depending on the fridge / freezer type that you have one option will be more suitable.  Usually the dual fix options are perfect for deli counters or fridge / freezers that have a wider base than top, the top fix only system is ideal where you just require PVC strips to hang vertically downwards.

Product Detail:

PVC Colour: Clear / transparent (light blue tint)
PVC profile: Flat
PVC Grade: Standard Temperature PVC strip
PVC Roll width range: 100mm
PVC Roll thickness range: 1mm (please note we offer 1.2mm and 2mm if required)
UV stable: Yes.
Temperature range: +50°c to -15°c (PVC can degrade at the extremities of this range).  If you require a PVC chiller blind to be made from low temperature PVC (+30 / -40°c) then this is possible, we use 100mm w x 2mm thick freezer grade PVC material in this instance.

We also sell the component parts as spares, so not all the PVC chiller blind will need replacing if dirtied or damaged. If you in are in any doubt please do not hesitate to discuss your individual application with one of our skilled technical advisors.


PVC sheet can occasionally be wiped down with warm, soapy water.  Do not use chemicals to clean this product as they can react and cause clouding of the PVC. Do not leave PVC sheet outside in roll form, water will penetrate the coils and will sit there till they are de-coiled, this trapped water and condensation can damage the PVC and cause clouding.  If storing PVC sheet, please ensure they are stored in line with the temperature range of the product.


Our PVC chiller blinds will fit to most open multi-deck fridges and freezers.  You will require a 50mm flat section on fix the C-section part of our rail system.  Ideally this should allow the PVC strips to hang vertically downwards.

Our PVC strips are 100mm wide and we sell only PVC chiller blinds to the nearest incremental width.  For example, if your fridge is 1290mm wide we would supply 12 x 100mm – it is not possible to infill the remaining 90mm of space, you would have a small gap at either side.  The PVC chiller blinds are designed to cover off the majority of your opening to ensure enhanced energy savings.


Other PVC sheet rolls in our range include low temperature, grey and black opaque.  Along with standard temperature PVC sheet this represents the vast majority of our customer requirements.  We can however offer welding grade material in sheet form and other colours if required. Please do not hesitate to contact us for bespoke pricing.