Weld-flex welding screens with frames

PVC Welding Screens - Ready Made with Frames
Weld-flex welding screens with frames
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PVC-Strip offer a range of ready-made welding grade PVC screens with free-standing frames. Our welding grade PVC screen range offers economical and moveable welding partitioning to suit various requirements within a welding environment. 

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  • Reduces welders flash and arc eye
  • Extremely economical
  • Improved safety for workers in welding environments
  • High UV resistance
  • Easy to move
  • Allows workers to be observed without sacrificing safety
  • Resists flying sparks
  • Improved productivity by offering the option of multiple welding bays in the environment


All technical specifications are available for download in our information centre.
Please refer to our 500 Grade PVC Strip Technical Specification


Our ready-made welding grade PVC screens are available in three standard sizes (if you require other sizes please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • WELDFLEX 100 - 1515 x 1900.
    The Weldflex 100 is our smallest and economy range welding screen – suitable for basic welding applications. The frames are very lightweight and offer a cheap, flexible solution to welding flash issues. The cost effective mobile screen is designed for low velocity and infrequent requirements. 

  • WELDFLEX 200 - 1475 x 1900
    The Weldflex 200 is a small-medium economy range welding screen – suitable for basic welding applications. Very similar to our WELDFLEX100 but manufactured with a heavier grade frame. 

  • WELDFLEX 300 – 2065 x 1900.
    The Weldflex 300 is an improved kit, ideal for more frequent welding applications. The frames have a wider frame dimension of 2065mm to cover off more of the welding bay. The improved kit offers improved worker protection. Available in Red and Green.

  • WELDFLEX 400 – 1960 x 1900. 
    The Weldflex 400 - ideal for frequent welding applications. Allows full mobility, improved worker protection and ideal for creating small and portable welding bays. Available in Red and Green.

  • WELDFLEX 500 – 4115 x 1900.
    The Weldflex 500 is our ‘top of the range’ welding screen, offering full flexibility due to the 2 x 1080mm pivoting arms, which are able to rotate through 180 degrees and maximum protection due to the wider frame covering 4115mm of your welding area. These welding screens are also large enough to create a 3 sided welding bay. Multiple screens could also be placed together to make an excellent, temporary, yet very cost effective mobile welding area / screen. Available in Red and Green.


PVC Screens will get dirtied over time and should occasionally be wiped down with warm, soapy water. Do not use chemicals to clean this product as they can react and cause clouding of the PVC. Ensure the screen is left hanging whilst being cleaned as if the Welding Grade PVC Screen is left in water, it can cloud over time.