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Data Centres & Electronics

Data Centres & Electronics

Data centres have benefitted from our range of PVC strip curtains, specially designed and developed for the installation in data centres, using the highest quality anti-static PVC to assist in achieving hot aisle / cold aisle isolation.

By developing our range of low cost and low tech PVC strip curtains, we are able to assist data centre enquiries more efficiently and have the capabilities to quickly manufacture and supply each bespoke kit, due to our large PVC stock. This range can successfully provide assistance in reducing power usage, airflow control and temperature management. The PVC is manufactured with a slight yellow tint, however, provides unbeatable clarity, allowing easy and safe hands-free access through to racking.

Our experienced team understand that each data centre requires careful consideration and we are able to assist and advise each customer in creating the ideal PVC strip curtain to suit each unique data centre requirement. Please contact us to assist in designing your bespoke PVC strip curtain.

Benefits include:

•    Easy hands-free access

•    Durability

•    Barrier against insects and contamination

•    Easy to maintain and clean

•    Save up to 50% on energy bills


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Data Centres & Electronics