Medium Duty Industrial PVC Curtain Kits

Industrial PVC Strip Curtain Kits
Medium Duty Industrial PVC Curtain Kits
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Our medium-duty, ready-made industrial PVC curtains are designed to fit standard industrial doorways, ideal for heavy pedestrian and low-frequency motorised traffic. The medium-duty range of industrial plastic curtains is aimed at internal industrial applications less than 4m high such as warehouse dividers, internal area segregation and external doorways that are less than 3m high. These industrial curtains are not suitable for frequent forklift truck access.

Utilising 300mm wide x 3mm thick flat PVC strip and suspended using our stainless steel hook type suspension system – this kit is an economical solution for covering your doorways effortlessly and efficiently.

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  • Economical – value for money if you are using strip curtains in industrial environments
  • Impressive energy savings – save up to 40% on your energy bills
  • Stainless steel hook type rail and flat PVC combination are used as standard in industry
  • 300mm PVC strip assures a medium weight PVC curtain for openings up to 4m
  • Ideal for heavy pedestrian, pallet truck and light FLT traffic usage only
  • Offers temperature regulation between areas
  • Hands-free access through doorways
  • Acts as a barrier for insect & pests and reduces noise and air pollution
  • Ideal for industrial warehouse usage


500 Grade PVC strip: 300mm wide x 3mm thick PVC strip
200 Grade Hook Type Rails: Stainless steel
500 Grade PVC strip: 300mm wide x 3mm thick PVC strip
200 Grade Hook Type Rails: Stainless steel

Full technical specifications are available for download in our information centre. You are responsible for ensuring the PVC product you buy online is approved for use in your environment.


The DK range of industrial PVC curtains kits is an economical solution to temperature regulation in your workplace. Our medium weight industrial PVC strip kits are suggested for use in industrial environments where a robust, industrial system is required. The pre-made sizes are stocked and available for immediate dispatch.

All our industrial plastic strip curtain are manufactured using crystal clear PVC ensuring complete visibility on both sides, reducing the risk of accidents in your workplace. If you have external, large openings or frequent forklift truck access, then please view our range of heavy-duty, ready-made industrial PVC curtains.

Industrial PVC curtain kit sizes (please note, kits can be placed side by side to create much wider openings):

  • Opening widths: from 2000mm - 4000mm
  • Opening Heights: from 4000mm - 4000mm

Each industrial PVC curtain kit contains:

  • Stainless steel hook type suspension rails (984-1475mm long, supplied in multiples to cover your total opening width)
  • 300mm wide x 3mm thick PVC strips (appropriate number of strips will be supplied to cover your opening width and to achieve a medium strip overlap)

If these standard sizes do not suit your requirement, we offer a made to measure service on all industrial PVC strip curtains. Complete our online PVC enquiry form or contact us directly for a bespoke price.


Industrial PVC strip curtains will get dirty and should occasionally be wiped down with warm, soapy water. Do not use chemicals to clean this product as they can react and cause clouding of the PVC. Ensure they are left hanging vertically when you wipe the strips down.

If PVC is left in water then it can cloud over time.
If an individual PVC strip becomes damaged, simply order individual replacement PVC strips to ensure the opening remains fully sealed.