PVC Strip Explain The Benefits of Plastic Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains offer the perfect solution for buildings, rooms, and openings that need regular access by pedestrians or vehicles. The PVC strip curtain is designed to form a flexible barrier across an opening. This allows easy access and efficiently manages the temperature of the room even if it is hot or cold. Walk-in freezers and cold stores are an example where the PVC strip curtain can be effective. Temperatures can reach as low as -32 degrees, this is where the PVC is a polar grade which means it remains flexible.

Here are some benefits of Plastic strip curtains:

Cold Storage and Freezer PVC Strip Curtain


  • Easy to repair or replace on a strip by strip basis
  • Prevents the loss of hot or cold air
  • Maintains the rooms ambient temperature
  • Cost-effective and easy to run
  • Isolates against noise or the movement of airborne particles
  • Admits light and omits rain, wind, and draughts from the workplace

For external curtains, the PVC is sometimes of a thicker grade with more overlap to protect it from the outside elements. Internal grade plastics will be of a lighter material to aid easy passage for pedestrians. PVC strip curtains can be ordered in different sizes, weights, and grades with specialist PVC grades available such as welding bay PVC and anti-static PVC.