Using PVC strip curtains in schools, pre-schools, and nurseries

School & Nursery PVC Strip Curtain Kits

When we think of the most common use for PVC strip curtains, most of us will automatically think of vast warehouses, cold rooms, or walk in freezers, but did you know that a popular environment for utilising PVC strip curtains is in schools and nurseries?

There is a lot to be gained by fitting school and nursery PVC strip curtains to areas within a school, pre-school, or nursery, but in our opinion, the main benefit for investing in these easy to install curtains is that they can vastly improve the ease at which staff and, most importantly, the children, can move between indoor classrooms and outdoor play areas.

This improvement in access will then promote and encourage the involvement in outdoor play. By encouraging a positive relationship with the outdoors, young children in nurseries, pre-schools, and schools can improve their problem-solving skills and creativity, which in turn can lead to children being encouraged to be more self-sufficient, independent, and confident in themselves and their surroundings, which leads to happier children!

This natural growth in children is considered a great benefit to inspiring children to be more receptive in the classroom environment, whilst at the same time improving their physical health through increased outdoor play and allowing them the opportunity to develop strong teamworking skills that could prove instrumental in their future.

As well as improving the physical movement between the indoor and outdoor environments of the staff and children, PVC strip curtains also aid the airflow between rooms and improves temperature control of the rooms, preventing sleep-inducing stuffiness in the warmer summer months! Another benefit to note is the ability of PVC strip curtains to keep unwanted pests at bay – they are designed to keep out flying insects (including scary wasps!) and also airborne pollution.

Here at PVC-Strip, we offer child-friendly plastic strip curtains which have been designed especially for use in schools and nurseries. These curtains are manufactured in line with the practise guidelines offered by the DCSF and EYFS regarding freedom of indoor/outdoor play.  All of our plastic strip curtains in this range are stocked and ready for immediate dispatch and prices start at just £99.00.

If you would like to hear more about our school and nursery PVC strip curtain kits, or any of our other PVC strip curtains or products, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01925 638753 – we look forward to hearing from you.

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as PVC or vinyl, is a product which is derived from carbon (mainly gas or oil) and common salt and has been commercially produced since 1933.

The PVC manufacturing process follows five main steps:

  • The removal of salt and hydrocarbons.
  • The production of ethylene and chlorine from salt and hydrocarbons.
  • The combining of chlorine and ethylene to produce vinyl chloride monomer.
  • The polymerisation of vinyl chloride monomer to produce PVC.
  • The mixing of PVC polymers with other materials such as plasticisers.

Products made from PVC are very long-lasting – PVC Pipes can last for up to 50 years and roofing and flooring made from PVC can last more than 20 years. This versatile product is widely used in transport, building, electrical, packaging and healthcare industries.

PVC is commonly used in the building and construction industry due to it being an incredibly robust material. This durable product is resistant to the weather, chemical rotting, and corrosion, and most importantly, does not conduct electricity which makes it a vital component for use in high-tech products, including cable and wire.

Over the years, the use of PVC has become increasingly popular in the building and construction industry and is now taking over from some of the more traditional materials used, including metal, concrete, and wood. The advantage of using PVC in construction ahead of the traditional materials is that it is strong yet lightweight, making it simpler to transport, durable and versatile.

Examples of PVC being used in the construction industry include:

  • Window and door profiles and conservatories
  • PVC Strip Curtains
  • Pipes and Fittings
  • Power, data and telecoms, wiring and cables
  • Internal and external cladding
  • Cable and Ducting
  • Roofing Membranes
  • Welding Screens

The use of PVC has a number of benefits for the environment too – the high resistance qualities of PVC mean that no rust will form on plastic, therefore, no rust will soak into the ground or water supply. This is a big plus when using parts underground or for carrying water. The process of manufacturing and the use of plastics on a construction site uses a lot less energy than metals, predominantly because plastics are so much lighter, so the energy used in transportation and construction is much lower.

Rising energy costs in your warehousing facilities? Install PVC Strip Curtains and industrial doors

It feels like a never-ending seasonal cycle of price increases, but this time, energy costs are soaring faster than for many years with bills looking to increase by inflation busting amounts.

Whilst many switched-on businesses explore the obvious ways of reducing their energy and utility costs such as sourcing new suppliers or attempting to negotiate better deals with their current suppliers, this can only really reap benefits in a stagnant or falling energy market. At a time when all suppliers are looking to increase energy prices, shopping around becomes less fruitful, and this approach can only go so far if you already have one of the best commercial energy deals available, resulting in the opportunities to reduce costs further all but evaporating.

Every business in the UK now needs to reduce costs in order to stay competitive; this is no longer an option but a necessity. As the cost of energy rises and shows no sign of reducing for at least a couple of years, it becomes an even larger percentage of total variable running costs for many manufacturers and warehouse operators. Saving energy and looking at ways to reduce energy wastage becomes more in focus as businesses need to find ways to reduce overheads and bring overall costs down to a more manageable level.

One area that is becoming more and more critical is looking at ways to reduce energy usage and reduce wastage, rather than trying to reduce the unit cost of the energy being used. One area that has been traditionally overlooked is that of reducing energy wastage in industrial warehousing and the important role that the insulation properties of Industrial PVC Strip Curtains in reducing energy usage and costs in the workplace can play on keeping businesses competitive.

Industrial PVC Strip Curtains can be fitted easily across most doorways or entrances that might be typically left open during the working day. These doorways are left open to let people and lift trucks pass through without having to open and close doors.

Industrial impact doors are strong, robust and are well insulated which helps reduce heating costs in large open warehouses. They can make a significant contribution to reducing heat loss in large open areas that are heated for staff comfort, but open to the outside environment such as large warehouses or factories.

It has been estimated by the team here at PVC Strip that the energy savings from installing PVC Strip curtains could pay for their purchase and installation in less than 3 months. A typical business could get a 400% annual return on investment when installing these energy-saving industrial PVC Door solutions.
PVC Strip curtains are an excellent way to save energy in warehouses, offices, and manufacturing plants.

Reduce dust and air pollution with PVC Strip Curtains

We are all aware that being exposed to large amounts of dust can be extremely harmful to our health, with excessive exposure possibly leading to long-lasting respiratory problems. Dust particles can also have a detrimental effect on machinery and products, so it is extremely important that within the workplace, exposure to dust particles and pollution is kept to a minimum to avoid ill health and product or equipment failure.

Working within an industrial environment can further increase exposure to dangerous and harmful dust and air contaminates, therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the correct measures are put in place to guarantee the highest level of safety.

This is where PVC strip curtains come in.


PVC strip curtains are the perfect first line of defence to prevent dust moving into a working environment from either external areas, or internal areas close by that might be more prone to generating or collecting dust. These areas could be workshops, storerooms or simply just the great outdoors!

A well-fitted PVC Strip curtain can efficiently create a heavy-duty barrier to protect an area from not only dust and air pollution, but noise pollution too. PVC strip curtains provide a barrier to prevent dust or other airborne contaminants from free-flowing into or out of areas.

PVC Strip curtains can be bought as a made to measure product and are ideal for use on both internal and external openings that are subject to high volumes of motorised and pedestrian traffic. Alternatively, PVC strip curtains are also available as ready-made kits, and feature a stainless steel hook type suspension system for easy assembly. These are suitable for supermarkets, warehouses, and distribution centres.

Using PVC strip curtains – either bespoke made to measure, or in ready-made kits, increases the safety levels of your working environment, whether it be a warehouse, a factory, or even a data centre, by preventing the collection and flow of dust whilst at the same time reducing the chances of pollution.

So, if you are concerned about external factors such heavy noise or air pollution, or even external weather, PVC strip curtains could be the perfect solution for you.

PVC Strip Curtain Your Measuring Guide

PVC-Strip specialise in made-to-measure PVC strip curtains. We manufacture PVC Strip curtains to fit in any door or opening size and will recommend what is best for you. This could be the PVC strip grade, profile, and overlap to ensure you are using the right curtain in each environment.

There are no set doorway sizes in the UK and if you would like to order, we would need to know the opening measurements of the application. You can then price your requirement.

All you have to do is measure your opening’s height and width, this will be in mm. We will then add an allowance onto the width (approximately 100mm) and to the height (approximately 50mm) to make sure the correct seal on the PVC Strip curtain is achieved.

PVC Strip Curtain Your Measuring Guide

Face fix: Fix the rail of PVC strip curtain to the face of a wall or beam, it will need supporting along the entire rail width. Ideally, you will go wider than the actual opening (ie: use the 100mm width allowance that we automatically apply) to create a seal at the side of your opening.

Soffit fix: Fix the rail of PVC strip curtain up into the soffit of your doorway, this creates a width constraint and we can only supply to the nearest increment (ie: we can’t supply 100mm over). In this example, we supply rails to cover the nearest rail profile limitation and you could have small gaps at either side of your opening.

Our recommendation is to always face fit PVC strip curtains if the application allows.

Once we have this information, we will quote your bespoke PVC strip curtain and provide your suspension system to suit.

Please note all PVC strip curtains will require a small amount of alteration after they have been installed. We purposely supply all PVC strips long to take into account differences in floor levels, small measurement errors and that PVC can shrink or elongate slightly dependent on the environment in which it is being used. Simply trim the bottom of each PVC strip with a sharp Stanley knife or blade.

Common Applications of PVC Strips

PVC Strip curtains can be used more than you imagine. They are not just used for parts of warehouses or chilled storage areas, they can be a reason for saving energy. We have stated below commercial and industrial settings where they could be installed.

  • Cold Stores – Our products ensure that your cold rooms maintain the interior environment and temperature as required whilst stopping airborne pollutants and pests and allowing pedestrian hands-free access at required points.
  • Cleanroom – Our Cleanroom PVC enclosures create a robust and effective barrier that won’t allow particles to enter the room. They are extremely economical; self-closing and allow workers and processes to be witnessed at all times.
  • Warehouses – PVC strip curtains are implemented in warehouse environments to promote ease of access while maintaining the internal temperature. Other benefits include noise reduction and pest control.
  • Food Production – Food production requires PVC strip curtains for many reasons, such as area segregation, energy efficiency, area accessibility, contamination control, and temperature maintenance within critical environments.
  • Schools – PVC curtains are an efficient and, economical solution to internal temperature maintenance and keep flies, pests, and other airborne pollutants out of the classroom.
  • Other Applications – Construction, butchers, agriculture, restaurants, cafes & bars, refrigerated vehicles. printing, offices, domestic, and zoos. PVC strip curtains are also supplied to the TV and Film industry, featuring in popular movies and TV shows such as Edge of Tomorrow and ITV’s Vera.

PVC Strip curtains are an excellent way to save energy in manufacturing plants

Every business needs to reduce costs in order to stay competitive. As the cost of energy rises and becomes a larger percentage of total variable costs for many manufacturers, saving energy becomes more in focus as business looks for ways to reduce expenditure and bring overall costs down.

Most businesses will look at the obvious ways of saving energy costs, firstly by negotiating better deals with their energy provider, but this can only go so far and once you have the best energy deal available, the opportunities to reduce costs further have all but evaporated.

The next area of attack is often lighting. Using natural lighting by replacing roofs with clear panels can let in natural light and reduce the reliance on electric lighting during daylight hours. Replacing traditional forms of lighting with LED will also contribute to significant savings, often in the region of 90% of the costs of electricity for the lights.

One area that is traditionally overlooked is the role of Industrial PVC Strip Curtains in reducing energy usage and costs in the workplace. These can be fitted across most doorways or entrances that might be typically left open during the working day to let pedestrians and vehicles pass through without having to open and close doors. They are strong, robust (often referred to as impact doors), and are well insulated. They make a significant contribution to reducing heat loss in large open areas that need to be heated for staff comfort, but open to the outside environment such as buy warehouses or factories.

It is estimated that the energy savings from installing PVC Strip curtains will pay for their purchase and installation within 3 months. Typically, a business could get a 400% annual return on investment when installing these energy-saving industrial door solutions.

PVC Strip Explain The Benefits of Plastic Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains offer the perfect solution for buildings, rooms, and openings that need regular access by pedestrians or vehicles. The PVC strip curtain is designed to form a flexible barrier across an opening. This allows easy access and efficiently manages the temperature of the room even if it is hot or cold. Walk-in freezers and cold stores are an example where the PVC strip curtain can be effective. Temperatures can reach as low as -32 degrees, this is where the PVC is a polar grade which means it remains flexible.

Here are some benefits of Plastic strip curtains:

Cold Storage and Freezer PVC Strip Curtain


  • Easy to repair or replace on a strip by strip basis
  • Prevents the loss of hot or cold air
  • Maintains the rooms ambient temperature
  • Cost-effective and easy to run
  • Isolates against noise or the movement of airborne particles
  • Admits light and omits rain, wind, and draughts from the workplace

For external curtains, the PVC is sometimes of a thicker grade with more overlap to protect it from the outside elements. Internal grade plastics will be of a lighter material to aid easy passage for pedestrians. PVC strip curtains can be ordered in different sizes, weights, and grades with specialist PVC grades available such as welding bay PVC and anti-static PVC.

Block the bugs!

How to keep flies and insects out of your commercial kitchens

How to keep flies and insects out of your commercial kitchens

With summer well on the way and with cafes, bars, restaurants, and pubs returning to a near normal we will need something new other than “the virus” to moan about soon! And one of the biggest annoyances to the hospitality trade and their customers is pesky insects buzzing around your food! Ensure you keep your commercial kitchens clean by installing mesh curtains on the open doorways. We manufacture our pest control curtains to suit any opening size and have options on mesh or PVC depending on your requirements.

Let us see the top 5 benefits of insect curtains in kitchens…


Stop airborne pests from entering your kitchens. When it is hot outside, we all want to open our windows and doors – unfortunately, in commercial kitchens this allows insects to fly in causing both annoyance and hygiene issues. Rayflex mesh insect barriers stop insects getting in whilst allowing fresh air to easily pass through. Mesh or perforated PVC curtains are ideal for environments such as bakeries, supermarkets, and restaurants, where hygiene must be kept at a high standard without risk of contamination from bugs.


Working in busy environments often means that doorways are left open for convenience but this, again, means that insects can enter the workplace causing irritation and hygiene issues. Our mesh insect barriers do not restrict pedestrians from entering and exiting the area, our curtains support hands-free access, meaning there are no issues with accessibility for workers and customers alike. Mesh curtains are fitted with a weighted bottom so once the pedestrian has passed through, it closes itself again maintaining the protection against insects and ensures that the summer breeze does not pry the curtain open or send the strips flying.


We are the manufacturers of pest control curtains; you can trust us to recommend and supply the correct mesh or PVC barrier to suit your requirements, but we do not install.  This is because we do not think you have to pay 5 times the price of the product to solve your airborne pest issues.  A simple DIY kit with self-fit instructions is provided and easily followed.


As manufacturers we can bespoke make a mesh curtain or perforated PVC curtains to suit your doorways, chose your colour, tell us about your business and what you need the pest barrier to achieve, and our sales team will quickly and efficiently offer a quote with a system perfect for your environment. We can manufacture and ship within a few days, and you will have your new insect barrier installed before you know it.


Our mesh insect barriers can be easily stored away once the summer weather has passed, (we are all aware of how short-lived our British summers can usually be!) so the mesh curtains can usually be reused time and time again until the strips become worn, in this case, you can purchase from our replacement strips system. The suspension system should long surpass the life of any of our PVC or mesh strips, so we can guarantee the mesh curtains will be a very economical purchase for your business and pay for itself as there is less need for cooling systems to be constantly active in your workplace.

The great consumer spend is coming

Cold Storage and Freezer PVC Strip Curtain

Stock your fridges and get ready for a summer of sales

It’s definitely a July 19 unlocking … unless it’s not! What we do know is that consumer appetite is back! With social distancing and outdoor gatherings still making us all feel comfortable prepare for a summer season of outdoor BBQs, picnics, beer, and wine fuelled garden parties. Your commercial fridges will need to be full to the brim of chilled foods and drinks. Do not let your customers down by serving warm, non-premium drinks and foods. Ensure your commercial fridges are well maintained and covered with PVC chiller blinds to keep the cold air inside your chillers and see you the whole summer through.

Here we list the 10 key benefits of our PVC chiller blinds:

  • Temperature control – ensure that the fridge temperature is maintained at the correct temperature and permanently below 7 degrees Celsius – the temperature at which bacteria multiplies.
  • Effective cross contamination screens – we are all a bit corona obsessed but chiller blinds for fridges do help stop cross contamination of all viruses and bacteria. By covering the fridge opening you ensure that minimal air borne particles enter for chilled space.
  • Energy savings – up to 50% energy savings on our dual fit PVC chiller blinds. Reduce the energy consumption of your commercial fridge by covering the opening and keeping the cold air inside the fridge where it belongs.
  • Reduce load on compressors – the most expensive part of most commercial fridges is the compressor. Pressure to keep open fridges below 7 degrees puts a permanent stress on the load of the compressor meaning it needs to be replaced more frequently.  PVC curtains reduce the stress by up to 75%!
  • Product visibility – Crystal clear PVC blinds will ensure that customers can always see the products on the shelf. They simply put their hands through the PVC curtains to take the product they want.
  • Optimum Airflow – Cold air flow bests when it is contained. By placing a barrier across the front of your open fridges it will ensure that the cold air circulates equally and does not sit and escape nearest the air conditioning unit.
  • Reduction in wastage – food and other perishables stored in the fridges will have a longer shelf life, food will not spoil as quickly because it is being stored at the correct temperature and with the correct airflow.
  • Easy to self-install – self installed on your fridges in minutes and without any hardware requirements, our rail section with strong 3m self-adhesive tape is simply stuck onto the front of your fridges.
  • Easy to maintain and clean – PVC chiller blinds are designed to be cleaned; they get a lot of hands passing through them. Our rail system is designed to unclip as one piece allowing you to wipe down (with water only) your PVC.
  • Easy and quick restocking – as with cleaning these chiller blinds unclip with ease. Remove when re-stocking and click back into place when you are finished. Do not battle to re-stock during the lunchtime rush with the PVC curtains in place!

You will be amazed that you have not covered your fridges with chiller blinds before and when you start making savings make sure you invite us to the party!