Reduce dust and air pollution with PVC Strip Curtains

We are all aware that being exposed to large amounts of dust can be extremely harmful to our health, with excessive exposure possibly leading to long-lasting respiratory problems. Dust particles can also have a detrimental effect on machinery and products, so it is extremely important that within the workplace, exposure to dust particles and pollution is kept to a minimum to avoid ill health and product or equipment failure.

Working within an industrial environment can further increase exposure to dangerous and harmful dust and air contaminates, therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the correct measures are put in place to guarantee the highest level of safety.

This is where PVC strip curtains come in.


PVC strip curtains are the perfect first line of defence to prevent dust moving into a working environment from either external areas, or internal areas close by that might be more prone to generating or collecting dust. These areas could be workshops, storerooms or simply just the great outdoors!

A well-fitted PVC Strip curtain can efficiently create a heavy-duty barrier to protect an area from not only dust and air pollution, but noise pollution too. PVC strip curtains provide a barrier to prevent dust or other airborne contaminants from free-flowing into or out of areas.

PVC Strip curtains can be bought as a made to measure product and are ideal for use on both internal and external openings that are subject to high volumes of motorised and pedestrian traffic. Alternatively, PVC strip curtains are also available as ready-made kits, and feature a stainless steel hook type suspension system for easy assembly. These are suitable for supermarkets, warehouses, and distribution centres.

Using PVC strip curtains – either bespoke made to measure, or in ready-made kits, increases the safety levels of your working environment, whether it be a warehouse, a factory, or even a data centre, by preventing the collection and flow of dust whilst at the same time reducing the chances of pollution.

So, if you are concerned about external factors such heavy noise or air pollution, or even external weather, PVC strip curtains could be the perfect solution for you.