Common Applications of PVC Strips

PVC Strip curtains can be used more than you imagine. They are not just used for parts of warehouses or chilled storage areas, they can be a reason for saving energy. We have stated below commercial and industrial settings where they could be installed.

  • Cold Stores – Our products ensure that your cold rooms maintain the interior environment and temperature as required whilst stopping airborne pollutants and pests and allowing pedestrian hands-free access at required points.
  • Cleanroom – Our Cleanroom PVC enclosures create a robust and effective barrier that won’t allow particles to enter the room. They are extremely economical; self-closing and allow workers and processes to be witnessed at all times.
  • Warehouses – PVC strip curtains are implemented in warehouse environments to promote ease of access while maintaining the internal temperature. Other benefits include noise reduction and pest control.
  • Food Production – Food production requires PVC strip curtains for many reasons, such as area segregation, energy efficiency, area accessibility, contamination control, and temperature maintenance within critical environments.
  • Schools – PVC curtains are an efficient and, economical solution to internal temperature maintenance and keep flies, pests, and other airborne pollutants out of the classroom.
  • Other Applications – Construction, butchers, agriculture, restaurants, cafes & bars, refrigerated vehicles. printing, offices, domestic, and zoos. PVC strip curtains are also supplied to the TV and Film industry, featuring in popular movies and TV shows such as Edge of Tomorrow and ITV’s Vera.