Rising energy costs in your warehousing facilities? Install PVC Strip Curtains and industrial doors

It feels like a never-ending seasonal cycle of price increases, but this time, energy costs are soaring faster than for many years with bills looking to increase by inflation busting amounts.

Whilst many switched-on businesses explore the obvious ways of reducing their energy and utility costs such as sourcing new suppliers or attempting to negotiate better deals with their current suppliers, this can only really reap benefits in a stagnant or falling energy market. At a time when all suppliers are looking to increase energy prices, shopping around becomes less fruitful, and this approach can only go so far if you already have one of the best commercial energy deals available, resulting in the opportunities to reduce costs further all but evaporating.

Every business in the UK now needs to reduce costs in order to stay competitive; this is no longer an option but a necessity. As the cost of energy rises and shows no sign of reducing for at least a couple of years, it becomes an even larger percentage of total variable running costs for many manufacturers and warehouse operators. Saving energy and looking at ways to reduce energy wastage becomes more in focus as businesses need to find ways to reduce overheads and bring overall costs down to a more manageable level.

One area that is becoming more and more critical is looking at ways to reduce energy usage and reduce wastage, rather than trying to reduce the unit cost of the energy being used. One area that has been traditionally overlooked is that of reducing energy wastage in industrial warehousing and the important role that the insulation properties of Industrial PVC Strip Curtains in reducing energy usage and costs in the workplace can play on keeping businesses competitive.

Industrial PVC Strip Curtains can be fitted easily across most doorways or entrances that might be typically left open during the working day. These doorways are left open to let people and lift trucks pass through without having to open and close doors.

Industrial impact doors are strong, robust and are well insulated which helps reduce heating costs in large open warehouses. They can make a significant contribution to reducing heat loss in large open areas that are heated for staff comfort, but open to the outside environment such as large warehouses or factories.

It has been estimated by the team here at PVC Strip that the energy savings from installing PVC Strip curtains could pay for their purchase and installation in less than 3 months. A typical business could get a 400% annual return on investment when installing these energy-saving industrial PVC Door solutions.
PVC Strip curtains are an excellent way to save energy in warehouses, offices, and manufacturing plants.