PVC Strip curtains are an excellent way to save energy in manufacturing plants

Every business needs to reduce costs in order to stay competitive. As the cost of energy rises and becomes a larger percentage of total variable costs for many manufacturers, saving energy becomes more in focus as business looks for ways to reduce expenditure and bring overall costs down.

Most businesses will look at the obvious ways of saving energy costs, firstly by negotiating better deals with their energy provider, but this can only go so far and once you have the best energy deal available, the opportunities to reduce costs further have all but evaporated.

The next area of attack is often lighting. Using natural lighting by replacing roofs with clear panels can let in natural light and reduce the reliance on electric lighting during daylight hours. Replacing traditional forms of lighting with LED will also contribute to significant savings, often in the region of 90% of the costs of electricity for the lights.

One area that is traditionally overlooked is the role of Industrial PVC Strip Curtains in reducing energy usage and costs in the workplace. These can be fitted across most doorways or entrances that might be typically left open during the working day to let pedestrians and vehicles pass through without having to open and close doors. They are strong, robust (often referred to as impact doors), and are well insulated. They make a significant contribution to reducing heat loss in large open areas that need to be heated for staff comfort, but open to the outside environment such as buy warehouses or factories.

It is estimated that the energy savings from installing PVC Strip curtains will pay for their purchase and installation within 3 months. Typically, a business could get a 400% annual return on investment when installing these energy-saving industrial door solutions.