PVC Strip Curtain Your Measuring Guide

PVC-Strip specialise in made-to-measure PVC strip curtains. We manufacture PVC Strip curtains to fit in any door or opening size and will recommend what is best for you. This could be the PVC strip grade, profile, and overlap to ensure you are using the right curtain in each environment.

There are no set doorway sizes in the UK and if you would like to order, we would need to know the opening measurements of the application. You can then price your requirement.

All you have to do is measure your opening’s height and width, this will be in mm. We will then add an allowance onto the width (approximately 100mm) and to the height (approximately 50mm) to make sure the correct seal on the PVC Strip curtain is achieved.

PVC Strip Curtain Your Measuring Guide

Face fix: Fix the rail of PVC strip curtain to the face of a wall or beam, it will need supporting along the entire rail width. Ideally, you will go wider than the actual opening (ie: use the 100mm width allowance that we automatically apply) to create a seal at the side of your opening.

Soffit fix: Fix the rail of PVC strip curtain up into the soffit of your doorway, this creates a width constraint and we can only supply to the nearest increment (ie: we can’t supply 100mm over). In this example, we supply rails to cover the nearest rail profile limitation and you could have small gaps at either side of your opening.

Our recommendation is to always face fit PVC strip curtains if the application allows.

Once we have this information, we will quote your bespoke PVC strip curtain and provide your suspension system to suit.

Please note all PVC strip curtains will require a small amount of alteration after they have been installed. We purposely supply all PVC strips long to take into account differences in floor levels, small measurement errors and that PVC can shrink or elongate slightly dependent on the environment in which it is being used. Simply trim the bottom of each PVC strip with a sharp Stanley knife or blade.