The Cold Chain & PVC Strip Curtain: A Match Made in Heaven

Allowing you to control your environment every step of the way, a cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. It is used to help extend and ensure the shelf life of “cool cargo”; products such as fresh seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs.

An essential part of any cold chain are PVC strips: manufacturing > distribution > stores. It’s important that you choose the correct PVC grade when selecting PVC strips for your cold chain.

Below is a brief guide to some of the different grade PVC strips we offer and how well they operate.

  • Rayflex standard grade PVC: operates well between +50°c and -15°c
  • Rayflex low-temperature grade: operates well between +30°c and -25°c
  • Rayflex super polar grade: operates well between +15°c and -60°c


Food preservation processes with fridges up to +0°c, freezers down to -12°c and deep freezers down to -45°c, require the use of PVC strips to ensure that food items don’t become compromised.

PVC strip curtains play an integral part in the food preservation process. When doors are left open, the PVC strip curtains ensure that there’s no air loss in these environments so when people are coming and going in a walk-in fridge, the PVC strips create a temporary barrier to ensure food preservation processes aren’t affected.


Depending on the food being stored, best before dates, ripening processes and the temperature at which consumables need to be stored at. The majority of large facilities will have their own cold storage facilities and regulations will state that the food items in question need to be kept at a constant temperature with agreeable tolerances in place.

Cold Storage and Freezer PVC Strip Curtain

Again, PVC strip curtains are used in every single cold store environment, regardless of what is being stored.

Distribution & Logistics

In the cold chain, transport is highly regulated and specialist, refrigerated vehicles are deployed in order to ensure that whatever the goods in transit are, they leave the storage facility and arrive at their destination in the same state.

Not only do PVC strips help to maintain the temperature in the vehicles, but they also ensure cross-contamination during the journey isn’t caused by fumes, debris, vermin or insects. This can easily happen when people enter and exit so PVC strip curtains really do play an integral part here.

Preparation Points, Commercial and Retail Stores

The final part to the cold chain before the goods are on display and ready to be purchased by customers is commercial and retail stores and preparation points. These environments have PVC strip curtains installed because the retailer has to ensure that their products are presented to their customers in accordance with strict regulations.

This ensures that the goods are turned around in line with sell by dates and remain fresh and in the best condition possible so that they can be sold.

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