Block the bugs!

How to keep flies and insects out of your commercial kitchens

With summer well on the way and with cafes, bars, restaurants, and pubs returning to a near normal we will need something new other than “the virus” to moan about soon! And one of the biggest annoyances to the hospitality trade and their customers is pesky insects buzzing around your food! Ensure you keep your commercial kitchens clean by installing mesh curtains on the open doorways. We manufacture our pest control curtains to suit any opening size and have options on mesh or PVC depending on your requirements.

Let us see the top 5 benefits of insect curtains in kitchens…


Stop airborne pests from entering your kitchens. When it is hot outside, we all want to open our windows and doors – unfortunately, in commercial kitchens this allows insects to fly in causing both annoyance and hygiene issues. Rayflex mesh insect barriers stop insects getting in whilst allowing fresh air to easily pass through. Mesh or perforated PVC curtains are ideal for environments such as bakeries, supermarkets, and restaurants, where hygiene must be kept at a high standard without risk of contamination from bugs.


Working in busy environments often means that doorways are left open for convenience but this, again, means that insects can enter the workplace causing irritation and hygiene issues. Our mesh insect barriers do not restrict pedestrians from entering and exiting the area, our curtains support hands-free access, meaning there are no issues with accessibility for workers and customers alike. Mesh curtains are fitted with a weighted bottom so once the pedestrian has passed through, it closes itself again maintaining the protection against insects and ensures that the summer breeze does not pry the curtain open or send the strips flying.


We are the manufacturers of pest control curtains; you can trust us to recommend and supply the correct mesh or PVC barrier to suit your requirements, but we do not install.  This is because we do not think you have to pay 5 times the price of the product to solve your airborne pest issues.  A simple DIY kit with self-fit instructions is provided and easily followed.


As manufacturers we can bespoke make a mesh curtain or perforated PVC curtains to suit your doorways, chose your colour, tell us about your business and what you need the pest barrier to achieve, and our sales team will quickly and efficiently offer a quote with a system perfect for your environment. We can manufacture and ship within a few days, and you will have your new insect barrier installed before you know it.


Our mesh insect barriers can be easily stored away once the summer weather has passed, (we are all aware of how short-lived our British summers can usually be!) so the mesh curtains can usually be reused time and time again until the strips become worn, in this case, you can purchase from our replacement strips system. The suspension system should long surpass the life of any of our PVC or mesh strips, so we can guarantee the mesh curtains will be a very economical purchase for your business and pay for itself as there is less need for cooling systems to be constantly active in your workplace.