The great consumer spend is coming

Stock your fridges and get ready for a summer of sales

It’s definitely a July 19 unlocking … unless it’s not! What we do know is that consumer appetite is back! With social distancing and outdoor gatherings still making us all feel comfortable prepare for a summer season of outdoor BBQs, picnics, beer, and wine fuelled garden parties. Your commercial fridges will need to be full to the brim of chilled foods and drinks. Do not let your customers down by serving warm, non-premium drinks and foods. Ensure your commercial fridges are well maintained and covered with PVC chiller blinds to keep the cold air inside your chillers and see you the whole summer through.

Here we list the 10 key benefits of our PVC chiller blinds:

  • Temperature control – ensure that the fridge temperature is maintained at the correct temperature and permanently below 7 degrees Celsius – the temperature at which bacteria multiplies.
  • Effective cross contamination screens – we are all a bit corona obsessed but chiller blinds for fridges do help stop cross contamination of all viruses and bacteria. By covering the fridge opening you ensure that minimal air borne particles enter for chilled space.
  • Energy savings – up to 50% energy savings on our dual fit PVC chiller blinds. Reduce the energy consumption of your commercial fridge by covering the opening and keeping the cold air inside the fridge where it belongs.
  • Reduce load on compressors – the most expensive part of most commercial fridges is the compressor. Pressure to keep open fridges below 7 degrees puts a permanent stress on the load of the compressor meaning it needs to be replaced more frequently.  PVC curtains reduce the stress by up to 75%!
  • Product visibility – Crystal clear PVC blinds will ensure that customers can always see the products on the shelf. They simply put their hands through the PVC curtains to take the product they want.
  • Optimum Airflow – Cold air flow bests when it is contained. By placing a barrier across the front of your open fridges it will ensure that the cold air circulates equally and does not sit and escape nearest the air conditioning unit.
  • Reduction in wastage – food and other perishables stored in the fridges will have a longer shelf life, food will not spoil as quickly because it is being stored at the correct temperature and with the correct airflow.
  • Easy to self-install – self installed on your fridges in minutes and without any hardware requirements, our rail section with strong 3m self-adhesive tape is simply stuck onto the front of your fridges.
  • Easy to maintain and clean – PVC chiller blinds are designed to be cleaned; they get a lot of hands passing through them. Our rail system is designed to unclip as one piece allowing you to wipe down (with water only) your PVC.
  • Easy and quick restocking – as with cleaning these chiller blinds unclip with ease. Remove when re-stocking and click back into place when you are finished. Do not battle to re-stock during the lunchtime rush with the PVC curtains in place!

You will be amazed that you have not covered your fridges with chiller blinds before and when you start making savings make sure you invite us to the party!