What are Welding Curtains?

Here at PVC Strip, we supply made-to-measure welding grade PVC curtains manufactured to suit your unique requirements. The welding curtains add an additional layer of protection in the welding workspace, offering protection and safety for workers and maximising the area, improving overall productivity.

The Importance of Using a Welding Curtain

A welding curtain is a relatively simple product, designed to protect workers from serious injuries by shielding them from welding arcs. Welding arcs produce a large amount of heat, which can lead to burn injuries to nearby workers if exposed to them.

However, the heat from the welding arc is not the only factor that can cause injury. Welding arcs produce powerful UV light, which can also harm nearby worker’s eyes if they are not wearing the appropriate eye protection.

PVC Strip uses high quality welding grade PVC to provide the ultimate protection against dangerous UV rays. The PVC is naturally dark in colour, however, when light radiates behind the screen, visibility is improved allowing workers to be observed without risking harm from damaging UV rays.

Giving privacy to the welders can improve productivity in the workplace. Without welding curtains, they can be easily disturbed due to other noise, or they might be worried about colleagues approaching which can distract the welder.

Choosing a Welding Curtain

While all the welding curtains we supply create a barrier around a welding area, there are different types you should be aware of. Some are a solid colour, whereas others are a semi-transparent colour. With semi-transparency, you can see through the welding curtain which can be useful in a workplace, as you will be able to see other workers outside of the curtain.

Size is another factor to consider when choosing welding curtains. They are available in a range of sizes, with some specifically designed for a large work area, whereas others are designed for smaller areas.

The PVC screens are manufactured to suit either a sliding track suspension system (which requires fixing across the entire width) or tension wires and clips. The screen can be fully retractable when not in use and we can include eyelets for fixing along the top and sides, access points, weighted bottoms, and Velcro seams to ensure you achieve the optimal solution for your application.

When ordering our PVC Strip welding curtains we will need to understand your exact requirements prior to offering a quotation. We need to know:

  • Opening width
  • Opening height
  • Your chosen suspension system
  • Colour preference (semi-transparent or solid)
  • Do you require any access points, weighted hems, or Velcro seams?

If you would like to learn more about our welding curtains or any of our other PVC strip curtains or products, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01925 638753 – we look forward to hearing from you.