Summer Proofing Your Facilities With Our PVC Products!

The sun is desperately trying to make an appearance and we’re thrilled about it! But, with warmer weather and sunnier days comes a few issues in the workplace – here we have a range of PVC products that are manufactured to remove any irritations so you can enjoy the sun but not be burdened with the issues that it can bring! 

Introducing our PVC summer saviours…

We have a huge PVC range, designed with summer in mind. Our products are suited for a variety of facilities to assist with issues such as:

  • Airborne pest control
  • Room temperature management
  • Product temperature management

Our summer range is suitable for a wide variety of applications –  offering multiple benefits and perks for a low cost.  

Our range includes:

  • Perforated PVC Strip
  • Anti-Insect Yellow Translucent 
  • Black or Grey Mesh Strip
  • Standard Clear PVC Strip

Commercial kitchens, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cafes

During summer, cafes, restaurants and bars can expect a huge rise in customers. As soon as the temperature rises, families and friends flock to their nearest beer garden, cafe or restaurant to enjoy the sun, drinks and food. How can these facilities cope with the pressure of increased workload and the environmental changes? By installing a kit from our PVC range, you can expect perks that will help your business all summer long. We recommend putting our perforated or anti-insect PVC on your doorways to your commercial kitchen to prevent the risk of flies contaminating your environment. It’s the perfect product for allowing fresh air to circulate while keeping annoying pests out of the way. We also have a range of chiller blinds to attach to commercial refrigeration units. Ideal for keeping chilled foods at the correct temperature, improving contamination control and extending the life of refrigerator units. 

Office Spaces

Offices are heat traps at the best of times, but turn up the temperature and introduce the sun and the heat can be almost unbearable! Keeping doors and windows open isn’t always ideal with the external noise, so what can you do?  This is where our perforated PVC strip curtains and mesh strips come in… Our products can be installed in doorways, acting as a barrier to all pests. We recommend installing our bullet range perforated curtains on office doors during the summertime for a more aesthetically pleasing design, easy installation/removal and improved durability. From improved airflow to temperature management and anti-insect protection, the benefits are limitless.

Industrial Environments

PVC strip curtains are ideal for industrial environments during any season, however, during summer, our various PVC ranges can easily summer proof warehouse and industrial environments.  Strip curtains are often used in warehouses as area dividers or to cover industrial doorways, our clear PVC strip is often used in this instance as it’s often thicker and able to withstand the heavy duty traffic usage that is involved in a warehouse environment.
When installing strip curtains during summer, you can expect benefits including:

  • Temperature management
  • Improved airflow
  • Anti-insect management

Which will make hot summer days a lot more bearable in your industrial environment! 

Interested in our range? Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you. Our sales team are available on 01925 638753 or email