Anti-Insect Protection | Preventing Bugs In Your Workplace

Does your business require anti-insect protection? It can be a struggle working in hot, busy environments. Especially with the increased temperature and annoying bugs flying around, this results in a lot of distractions and irritations that make the working day that little more difficult than it needs to be… That’s where we come in! 


We understand that businesses struggle where hygiene and contamination issues need to be taken into consideration. Which is why we manufacture and supply a range of PVC to help make your working days a little more bearable in the summer months. 

Perforated PVC:
When working in hot environments during summer, it can often be a necessity to keep doors and windows open, however, this invites unwanted pests into your working environment and in workplaces such as food preparation areas, the utmost care should be taken concerning health and safety. Flies or other airborne pests can cause contamination by simply landing on work surfaces, causing bacteria including salmonella, typhoid and cholera to be spread, which can cause detrimental harm in certain working environments. If this sounds like an issue you have… Our perforated PVC is ideal for you! The strips are clear, much like our standard PVC door kit but with small perforations throughout the strip which are large enough to allow a breeze through but small enough to block any airborne pests from passing through.

Anti-Insect PVC:
If your main issue is reducing the number of pests that enter your workplace, our anti-insect PVC is perfect for you… This product is bright yellow, a colour that is known for repelling flies and insects. This feature is key in ensuring your environment is protected from pests that may cause harm in your workplace and will ensure that you can keep doorways open to avoid your workers overheating this summer. 

Mesh Fly Screens:
All our grey and black fly screen mesh strips require minimum effort to install. We offer a variety of suspension systems: The bullet system is a pre-punched snap on and off, this system is quick to install and is perfect for pedestrian health and safety requirements as there are no separate steel parts. The insect barrier is also extremely durable. If heavy pedestrian use is expected, the product will withstand it. The snap-on system also means that insect curtain can be maintained with ease – simply remove the strips and clean individually (with warm water only).

Our range is available with a variety of suspension systems designed to suit you. If you would like to discuss your requirements with our sales team, we can offer a full bespoke quotation designed to remove all your summer problems. Contact our team on 01925 638753 or email