How to Clean Your PVC Strip Curtains

You must clean your PVC strip curtains regularly otherwise you will start to notice dirt gathering on the strips which could lead to you having to completely discard them. The dirtier the curtains become, the harder they will be to clean.

Here are a few tips for when you come to clean your PVC strip curtains:

  1. Clean the surrounding area

Before you clean the curtains, assess the area where your curtains are located. If placed in an indoor area, think about cleaning the area itself before the curtains. Most of the dirt on the curtains will be from the dirt and dust on the floor, which will have been kicked up by foot traffic and forklifts. Placing the curtains in a clean area, will lead to the curtains taking a longer time to get dirty. Also consider this if you are planning to install new PVC strip curtains.

  1. Wiping down the PVC Strip Curtains

Once you have cleaned the area, give the curtains a simple wipe down with a dry cloth to remove any loose dirt. Next, wipe the curtains using a bucket of warm water and a sponge. You’ll be able to see most of the dust and dirt has been lifted from the curtain.

If you are now happy with how your curtains look, you can end the cleaning process here and repeat it again in the future.

  1. Soak Cleaning

You might find after the cleaning, the PVC strip curtains are scratched, in which case you’ll be able to see small granules of dirt embedded in these scratches, making them harder to get rid of by just wiping the strips. In this case, soaking could be the perfect alternative.

Firstly, take the PVC strips down from their hangings – it is up to you whether to soak the curtains individually or all at once. Soak the curtains into a bowl of water for a couple of hours. When this time has passed, lift them carefully out of the water and give them a final wipe down.

  1. Further Cleaning

If you are still unhappy with the appearance of your curtains, you will need to use chemical-based solutions. Be aware though, that there are certain chemicals, such as solvent-based cleaners that can cause damage to the material.

However, bleach can be used, especially if it is watered down considerably. Just to be sure, test the bleach solution on a small section of the PVC curtain to ensure there is no discolouration and that the PVC Strip doesn’t take on a cloudy appearance.

Once you are happy that the solution will not damage the curtains, you can now proceed and use the cleaner. Make sure to wash the curtains thoroughly after this stage. Do not mix your cleaners as it can damage the curtains.

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